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Disney’s Aladdin makes some phenomenal magic!

Disney does it once again! Just sit back and enjoy the memories of your childhood come alive; a must watch for your Kids…


Remember the days when you would just sit back tune into Disney's Land of fairy tales and let the magic do its job. Yes, that's the childhood the 90s kids enjoyed! An era which not only contemplated on the stories of Prince and Princesses but at the end of the day it did make you believe in magic (as kids). That's the kind of influence Disney has had throughout the years. Now that the kids have grown, it would really take a miracle to bring that essence back for the grown-ups in 2019.

Behold, this live-action version of Aladdin is just far from perfect. The film is really worth applause as it pictures an array of emotions for the audience. Guy Ritchie’s emergence in the franchise has already proven to be a blissful moment for Disney as it sketches all the shades one can expect from the crumbled ashes of recent fantasies and failed fairy tales. Without a doubt, Aladdin has upped the live-action game. In addition to it, Aladdin's musical romance does hit the spot and, the homage is paid.

The Hollywood fairy tales were home to Caucasians and the stereotype has been followed since ages now. But, Disney has finally banished the stereotypes as Aladdin has cast brown-skinned actors (all the voice actors in the original were white). We might have always believed, ‘true beauty lies in White’. But, it was for Jasmine and Aladdin who made us realize ‘it isn't about color, it's about love!’

Will Smith has successfully stepped into Robin Willims shoes as he has literally recreated the magic put forth by the legend himself! The dialogues and humor radiated by Robin are one of the most unforgettable factors of Aladdin and you couldn’t expect any less from Will. Aladdin and Jasmine's actors might be newcomers into the big-game, but they proved themselves worthy of receiving the iconic characters as they never seem to be the mismatch for the all-time favorite fairy tale characters.

The rough, rugged Aladdin of 2019 has been magical through-out the entire film. Egyptian-Canadian Mena Massoud and a British actress of Indian descent Naomi Scott have brought charm to the characters of Aladdin and Jasmine respectively. The film barks the apt performance featured by the two as their chemistry is completely outstanding. The two have proven themselves why they weren’t just another misfits from the much-expected fairy tale.

The electrifying tempo and pitch of the songs have been carried comprehensively. Apart from that, the lyrics have been processed with lucid and distinctly timed beats. There are parts which seem to be off the slate, but it’s hardly noticeable and could be overlooked upon. There’s no denying ‘Life is a carnival’ and Aladdin just reminded us of it!

The hard-hitting story of love, affection and most importantly a magical adventure across the Agrabah has received a worthy successor for its animated episodes. The film does not possess the typically vague and cliche setting stereotyped by Hollywood, rather it paints a colorful, elegant and noteworthy setting and carnival of joy and fun.

The storyline is briefly the same as the animated one however, it might be heartbreaking if we cannot lay our eyes on a squeal from Guy Ritchie. (Provided you know the exact storyline from the animated movies and cartoons even the Genie’s humor)

The film which has been granted a U certificate genuinely proves to be a family entertainer. It can not only grab your kids attention in fact even adults can scrutinize over the visual and eccentric magnificence. It is important for the kids to understand the references, humor, and comedy in the film and Aladdin balances the amalgamation of all these factors in order to make it a kid-centric film. 

Jasmine and Aladdin’s adventures are truly goals apart as the two are made for each other, but it's not always when you feel the exact mirror emotions on screen. The entertainer is all set to make you nostalgic and watch the age-old episodes of Aladdin as you enjoy your weekends. However, the only problem that troubles are according to the storyline of the film cannot have a sequel as it would be really astounding to see Guy Ritchie stitch a sequel to the marvelous franchise.

Ratings- 4/5

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