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Disappointed fans start a petition against Game Of Thrones makers demanding a remake of the eight season

Fans have been constantly dissatisfied with the way the story line has shifted in the finale season


One of the world’s most famous TV shows, Game Of Thrones is just an episode away from the finale. While the show sure has created history in more ways than one, it is the past couple of seasons that seem to have disappointed fans. 

GOT is currently in it’s finale season and the story line is not going down too well with people as they feel cheated by the writers who did not deliver according to the hype. Netizens have been spitting venom on how the writers let them down with the plot of their most loved show of all time.

Well, not just that but now the angry fans have surpassed a new level of crazy by starting a legit petition demanding a re-make of season 8. Yes, you read that right! The most shocking thing is that over 2 Lakh people have already signed the petition which urges HBO to remake it with ‘competent writers’. The petitioner, Dylan D started the appeal to HBO on after the premiere of the penultimate episode of the show, The Bells led to be one of its most divisive chapters. Show runners David Benioff and DB Weiss have been under fire for below par script writing and poor portrayal of women in the final season of the HBO series, based on author George RR Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Martin recently trashed reports which claimed he had finished writing the final two books in the saga but plans to release them after the TV series is complete. Calling the reports 'absurd' the 70-year-old reiterated that books are not yet finished. He said delaying the release of the books makes no sense financially.

What are your views on the petition? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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