6 Reasons why cannot be missing out on Critics Choice Awards

From the ‘chic’ red-carpet looks to heart-touching acceptance speeches, the 29th Critics Choice Awards are sure to be a night to remember.

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29th Annual Critics Choice Awards

Get ready to experience Hollywood’s best! After a riveting Golden Globe Awards less than a week ago, we are now gearing up for the prestigious 29th Critics Choice Awards, which promises a classy night of critical acclaim and accomplishment where talents are acknowledged and rewarded for their best performances throughout the year. From the ‘chic’ red-carpet looks to heart-touching acceptance speeches, the 29th Critics Choice Awards are sure to be a night to remember. The Awards are set to stream LIVE on Lionsgate Play on 15th January 2024, from 5:30 AM onwards.

Here are six reasons why you should not miss watching the 29th Critics Choice Awards:

Chelsea Handler takes centre stage!

Stand-up comic Chelsea Cutler is taking over the stage as its host! Handler has excelled as a comedian, host, bestselling author, and advocate with this year marking her second consecutive year hosting the ceremony, honoring outstanding achievements in both film and television. Brace yourself as she keeps the night going with her wit and humor and leaves you rolling in laughter. 

Secrets on Paper: The Ballots Unveiled

The Critics Choice Awards is all about suspense! Witness the behind-the-scenes drama as Hollywood’s secret language makes its way through the nominations in the form of written ballots. A smart and transparent way of adding a layer of excitement and twist to the award ceremony, making the 29th Critics Choice Awards a must-watch!

The Nominations have some clear leaders!

Greta Gerwig’s billion-dollar sensation leads the Critics Choice Awards nominations for film with a record-breaking 18, the most of any film in the organization’s 29 years, followed closely by Oppenheimer with 13. 2023 saw Barbie go toe-to-toe with Oppenheimer for Box Office performance, and 2024 is set to see the two go head-to-head in this immaculate awards season. Does this record-breaking 18 nominations give Barbie the edge for the awards? Tune in to find out.

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American Critics Choice Association Spotlight

What’s different about the Critics Choice Awards? It’s the Critics. Presented by the American Critics Choice Association, these awards are a direct reflection of refined taste and the selection of the finest performances, making it an event where cinematic excellence is celebrated by those who truly understand the art of actual television screens. 

Red Carpet Glamour and Hollywood Glitz!

The Critics Choice Awards is incomplete without the dazzling display of fashion and glamour on the red carpet. A-list celebrities grace the event in stunning ensembles, turning it into a visual feast that goes beyond the boundaries of regular awards ceremonies. All your favourite celebrities are under the same roof, a night you should never miss if you are fashion crazy!

Oscar Predictions Unleashed

Get ready to sneak peek into Hollywood’s future! The Critics Choice Awards is all about the Oscar predictions. Renowned for its accuracy, this event serves its way to the Academy Award nominations. Offering a glimpse of who might take home the well-known Oscar Awards or possibly be the forerunners of the coveted awards. So, don't miss it if you want to catch your favourite film at the Oscars!

The awards will stream live exclusively on Lionsgate Play in India on 15th January at 5:30 AM IST.

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