Diet Sabya Takes A Dig At Prince Narula's Latest OOTN

Prince Narula's Burberry copy falls on Diet Sabya's radar and they are not kind

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Just yesterday actor and MTV Roadies 12 winner, Prince Narula shared a stunning post on his social media handle, where he was seen sporting a beige striped jacket and straight fit pants combo. He looked great but the outfit had a strong recall value of the luxury brand, Burberry. And trust the popular Instagram handle, Diet Sabya to not miss this knock-off moment. 

Diet Sabya in one of their Instagram stories called out Prince Narula for donning this copy.

Jokingly, Diet captioned it, Is this Bur-bezzi? 

We wonder what Prince has to say on this. 

Check out Diet Sabya's post....

prince narula Burberry

Check out Prince Narula's Post..

Founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856, Burberry is a British luxury house. Thomas who was just a 21 year old apprentice, took the risk of starting his own fashion house, only to see success come his way, courtesy their exclusive Gabardine coats. They were sturdy and water resistant. Following the popularity of Gabardine the luxury house created a distinct striped pattern which was sewn along the fabric, forming tartan checks. A neat intersection of black and white stripes with a light accent of red. This soon became iconic of the brand, but the down side was that many labels started copying it. Even today this print is seen on garments. Like for example on Prince Narula’s. 

What do you think will be Prince and the genius designer who created this outfit? Let us know your answers in the comments below…..

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