Did you know Sorab Bedi & Ram Yashvardhan aka Mahadev from Shiv Shakti are real life brothers?

Sorab Bedi aka Raunak from Chand Jalne Laga and Ram Yashvardhan aka Mahadev from Shiv Shakti are apparently real life brothers. Read ahead to know more.

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Sorab Bedi and Ram Yashvardhan

The world of entertainment often surprises us with hidden connections and unexpected relationships. In an industry filled with talent and intrigue, it's not uncommon to discover that some of our favorite stars share more than just the limelight. Did you know that Sorab Bedi, who plays Raunak in 'Chand Jalne Laga,' and Ram Yashvardhan, known for his portrayal of Shiv Shakti in 'Mahadev,' are real-life brothers?

The fact that Sorab Bedi and RAM Yashvardhan are real-life brothers may come as a surprise to many fans. Sorab Bedi, the younger of the two brothers, always looked up to Ram Yashvardhan as his biggest hero. Sorab opens up about how his elder brother has been a constant source of inspiration throughout his life. "We are real brothers; he is the elder one, and I am the younger one. Yashvardhan is not just my brother; he is my biggest life hero. His dedication and success in the world of acting motivated me to follow in his footsteps. Yashvardhan is the biggest teacher and critic of my life; he sees my acting and guides me, makes me learn new things, his guidance helps me in better portrayal of my role. The best part for me is that I adore him for his outstanding performance and learn a lot from him."

Do you know that Both Sorab Bedi for Chand Jalne Laga and Ram Yashvardhan for ShivShakti are shooting for different shows produced by the same production house and aired on the same COLORS channel? Sorab says, "It's incredible to work on different shows but for the same production house and channel. Our fans might not realize it, but we are real brothers, and the love and support we receive from our audience mean the world to us."


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Wow That's Great Even I Didn't Know That Ram Yashvardhan Had A Younger Brother That Too Working For The Same Production House But Different Tv Serials ❤

3 months ago

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