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Did Not Like 'Sacred Games Season 2'? Here's What We Think is The Possible Reason

Just. Not. Ready.


The pressure that an already successful show feels when it returns for a new season is as real as things can be. Western shows have largely been able to adapt to this over time as the concept of having seasons isn't a novel one there. However, with Indian shows, that hasn't quite been the case and hence it takes a while longer.

The phenomenon of Sacred Games was both surprising and endearing as we finally had an Indian show that created a global impact like no other. Finally returning after a year-long wait a couple of days ago, the second season of the series instantly became the talk-of-the-town amidst everyone.

However, unlike the first one, both the critics and viewers have been polarized about the show. A larger section of people have seemingly not been impressed with the second season and have expressed their displeasure on the same. But according to me, the second season was equally good if not better in many aspects. I am certain that you may not agree with me and that is absolutely fine but here's why I feel that Season 2 did not attain the same love as Season 1.

Too Much To Soak In

One of the points I also mentioned in my review of the series is the fact that the show does get over-ambitious for its own good. Make no mistake, it isn't that it falters but it is being unable to understand the expectations of viewers well. Having thought about it, here's what the second season of the show tried to tackle in eight episodes - Hindu nationalism, majoritarianism, terrorism, political propagandas and at the end, authoritarianism. In doing so, the show gets entangled in the approach and even though it does reasonably well; the viewers were certainly not expecting this glass to be brimming so much.

Lack of THAT Appeal

Even though I am not entirely a fan of the constant treatment of a gangster being a swagger, it isn't that I don't like to watch it as a viewer. Who doesn't? But when you end up being influenced by only that and miss what matters actually - the story, then that becomes a conflict of interest. One of the prime reasons for the show to have the reach it did last season was the quintessential portrayal of a gangster which never fails. It was fun and most definitely entertaining but just when the focus has shifted to writing being the hero in this season, it hasn't managed to attract the same love and admiration.

Side Note- This isn't about belittling the viewers who seem to like the aforementioned style of portrayal. It is just presenting a possibility for not liking this season.

Too Many Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers are the perfect teasers for any show. Well, almost. There is no denying that a show with a teasing cliffhanger is a formula that has proved to be successful for some of the biggest shows. However, when you overdose it, the same can backfire. With not just one but way too many cliffhangers, Sacred Games Season 2 leaves people with burning questions that actually should have been answered given the timeline it presents. 

How exactly was Jojo involved in the whole thing that irked Gaitonde? How did Guruji and Shahid Khan meet to have a common mission of destroying the world? What exactly went so terribly wrong with Kusum Yadav apart from her husband's death? And of course, the raging cliffhanger of did Sartaj manage to put in the right password in Mission: Impossible-style? Too much was left unanswered which should have been cleared out.

These are the reasons I feel Sacred Games Season 2 couldn't connect as much Season 1. Do you agree or disagree? Leave in your comments below.

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Shaina_b 6 months ago If this is the last season then this should have answered all questions!!!
Cshafkat 6 months ago Yeah the second season was very disappointing. Full of propaganda, stereotypes, vulgarity and excessive cussing. It's supposed to be a thriller and because of the excessive profane language, it turned into a comedy. Every time Nawaz was cussing, it cracked me up. Lots of loopholes and the pacing was terrible. Poor characterization and lots of loose ends. Direction was very poor. First season was directed by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. But this season they got a different director which is probably why season 2 sucked.
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