Did Divyanka Tripathi 'Mock' CRY at her Bidaai?

you have to see this footage from her bidai with Vivek Dahiya


 TV's most adored couple Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya have been revealing quite a few unique shades of their relationship through their journey on Nach Baliye 8. Just when we thought that was all, we get to see yet another quirky side of the couple. The Yeh Hai Mohhabatein actress just shared the most adorable post-wedding moment. 

She and Vivek Dahiya were off to the airport after their wedding and since they couldn't do the bridal ceremony from home, they decided to do it right there at the airport!

Everyone laughed through the bidai and it looked like a jolly goodbye. Nobody cried and Divyanka mocked filmy tears with Vivek following suit. It was the cutest, quirkiest thing we've seen all day.

Never has a bidai looked so fun!


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--Amulya-- 3 years ago Why would a 30+ aged lady who has been living away from her family for more than a decade cry for her bidaai!! I don't think most girls follow the ritual these days as they have already been away for higher studies and jobs from their parents, anyways we are the lucky generation to have the improvised technology which doesn't make anyone feel far away from each other.
KarMan_fangirl 3 years ago And in a few days, there will be a picture posted on a social networking account asking people not to interfere in her life since she "deserves" attention, but does not "desire" attention.
Yeah! we all know that (rolling my eyes) The only people who are interested in her love letters, wedding saga, and bidaai drama are her fans.
Love letters! Aah! One of the purest forms of expressing love, but isn't love usually shown only to one person (or the family) and not to the whole fandom?
Its lovely to see people expressing love on social networking sites and then saying that they are just like any other ordinary people and do not need attention!
Rest is better left unsaid since her fans will again bounce about defending her.
josh135 3 years ago Gosh! Her fake excitement. Please keep this nautaki to yourself and your hubby. He's with you why don't you show it to him from your phone. Nobody is interested to see all this crap
shaztea 3 years ago such a show off,fake woman on earth,hope she uploads her suhagrat vdo also,and childbirth vdo too,show off fatty aunty
fatty112 3 years ago I don't know why they DT is hated so much and who her husband is and what he ever did. I never watched her and her shows, but one thing that I really don't like is why is she post so many personal and private moments on social media? Wedding, love letters and now this... this is all very personal to a couple and to publicize this moments and than declar love for your other half is just so puke worthy. Don't they live in the same house? So why not just show these personal stuff to each other and enjoy the privacy. I don't understand posting wedding moments, love moments, death of a loved on or anything that is so personal in social media. It's just disgusting.
Ps. I am not a fan of any tv actors. I just watch the shows and leave rest there. They are not gods to be worshipped. I could care less.2017-06-25 19:37:32
sun2011 3 years ago I have stopped watching them because of Divek - Etta kapoor hope you are hearing - Divek Nach win will be YHM downfall - may it bite the dust soon. What are Divek going to do with so much money - greedy beggars Divek that is all.2017-06-25 15:08:11
A HUGE FAN 3 years ago Good for her. You rock, Divyanka Tripathi!
aishwarya12joys 3 years ago Great we are not begging Indian forum to publish Divek articles OK. If you are favorites are not having divyanka popularity don't be jealous of it.
Divyaanita 3 years ago wow funny love u a lot divyanka tripathi
bluntboldbindas 3 years ago She should be ashemed of herself!!!
Fake woman,fake life, fake love,fake marriage !!!!
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