Deepak and Sanjana come face to face in Kashyap house..

The long-awaited track of Deepak and Sanjana will start soon in Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool..

Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool, produced by Ravi Ojha Productions will soon see the track of Deepak (Akshay Sethi) and Sanjana (Tapeshwari Sharma) opening up.

For the uninitiated, their love track was to begin much earlier, but was postponed as Tapeshwari had taken an off from shoot to go abroad.

In the coming episodes, Deepak and Sanju's fights in college will continue after which they will come face to face in the Kashyap house.

Our source states, "On Ishaan's (Jay Soni) birthday, Suhana (Ragini Khanna) has organized a party. It so happens that both Deepak and Sanju leave college early to take part in the celebration at home. However, Sanju will feel that Deepak is following her and has wrong intentions. When she comes to Suhana's place, she realizes that Deepak too gets into the Kashyap house. Sanju fumes with anger and creates a ruckus, and this is when Suhana explains to Sanju that Deepak is Radha
Bua's (Sadiya Siddique) son".

We hear that after getting to know each other better through Suhana, Deepak and Sanju's friendship will blossom which will slowly turn to love.

On the other hand, an emotional track between Ilesh (Shyam Mashlkar) and Disha (Riddhima Tewary) will start where the couple goes through a disturbing phase. Ilesh gets busy with his work and late parties,
which will intensify the insecure feeling in Disha. She will long to get her husband's company as she wants to get into the family way soon. She will get a feeling that Ilesh is not giving her time.

Catch the next happening twists in the popular Star Plus show..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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iViews 9 years ago @ Rubal , I m also waiting impatiently for their track to start . I m more interested in their track than Suhana & Ishan . Lolzz .
mjtruelegend 9 years ago No you're not Rubal and neither am I! lol
mjtruelegend 9 years ago Suhana and Ishaan must not be side tracked because of these 2. Otherwise I won't be happy!
crysind 9 years ago @Rubaldhillon... lolz... All time...Any time Sushaan first... :D
iViews 9 years ago Chalo , I can live with THEIR SO CALLED MILLAN ...
crysind 9 years ago Just praying... SanjDeep Jaldi Jaldi Milona...
mjtruelegend 9 years ago The sooner they meet the better it will be. I've had enough of their "hide and seek".
abhi786 9 years ago Finally Sanjana- Deepak face-of on Ishaan birthday..
waizmapa 9 years ago This show has lost its old charm & the current tracks r mere ordinary, not as gud as the old 1s! But the performances of the entire cast of the show r really gud
abhi786 9 years ago Till now Sanjdeep track is not good.. So waiting atleast after face-of there will be good matured scenes between them.. Waiting for Ishaan birthday party
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