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Deeksha Joshi on debut with Jayeshbhai Jordaar: I am a feminist and I love female narrative films

Deeksha Joshi, who made her Bollywood debut with Jayeshbhai Jordaar, got talking to India Forums about the movie, the audition process, and more.

Published: Tuesday,May 17, 2022 11:30 AM GMT-06:00
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Deeksha Joshi

Divyang Thakkar's directorial debut, Jayeshbhai Jordaar hit the screens this past Friday. While the movie has opened to mixed reactions, it has received a lot of applause for the performances, including Ranveer Singh, Shalini Pandey, among others. Also creating a buzz is Deeksha Joshi, who plays Preeti (Jayeshbhai's sister) in the movie.

She got talking to India Forums about the debut, her audition process, and some more.

Tell us about your character? How similar or different is it from you as a person?

My character in the film is called Preeti and I play Ranveer Singh’s sister in the film. Preeti is very different from me as a person because the world of Jayeshbhai Jordaar is very different from the world that I belong to, or most of us living in the metro city belong to. It's a very different space, a different community and a very different way of living. Of course it's fictional but it’s also very sad. Preeti is very spontaneous. She is this spunky woman who is always on her toes and is very street smart. She is someone who is righteous and at the same time has this naughtiness about her that I as a person, I don’t have. I'm more of an ambivert and Preeti would be a total extrovert given the circumstances. So yes, this is how different Preeti is from Deeksha Joshi.

This is your Bollywood debut. How does it feel? 

Honestly, I’m extremely excited for my Bollywood debut. I've always been very grateful in life and I've been practising gratitude since quite some time now. So, I just keep reminding myself of the fact that this is a dream come true. It couldn't have been any better. Since childhood, whenever I would watch Yash Raj Films, it would never even strike that I will be a part of “YRF” ever so I’m extremely overwhelmed right now and I consider it one of my biggest opportunities so far. Also, what I'm happy about is that it's a very interesting character and to get an opportunity like this in your first attempt in Hindi is just insane. I mean I don't even know how to thank the universe honestly.

How did you win this project? What was the audition process like?

Interestingly, I had auditioned for some other character and I still remember it was a really good addition. Divyang, the filmmaker, had taken it and overall, there was a lot of positive feeling. I was very hopeful but because it was my first audition in Hindi for a feature film, of course there were not many expectations at all. I remember I had just completed an acting workshop back then and I was in that energy of performing and that's exactly when this audition happened so I think it just got translated into it and that’s what worked for me.

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How did you prep for the role?

So, I got a call from Divyang saying that ‘Deeksha you’re selected for Ranveer’s sister's character and it’s called Preeti’ and I just couldn't believe it. Once I came to know more about Preeti and how she is, I just instantly started to visualise myself as her and because she is a very spunky woman who’s always on her toes, I just instantly started to feel that spunk with me. I just let myself be very impulsive because that’s also how the character is and I think that's what worked for me while preparing the character.

The film gives out a very strong message for standing up for women’s basic rights and equality. What’s your take on the same and are you a feminist? Have you encountered discrimination especially in the film industry on the grounds of gender? Do women get equal pay for equal work?

I have studied feminism and gender equality in college. In fact I have even written a paper in my Masters on the same that I had presented at the national level which was on “Effeminacy” and interestingly that’s also what the film is talking about. It's talking about how males are seen and expected to be all masculine and how certain men if they don't want to be seen in that space, they don't even have a choice. There’s that inbuilt pressure that defines the kind of qualities you are expected to have as a true ‘mard’, things like suppressing the other sex or to have that unlimited courage. So, this film is so beautiful as it questions this with a comical take that makes you laugh. I am a feminist and I love female narrative films and this is a big good fortune that I got to be a part of a film that is so beautiful that has such a strong amazing message. 

The film hit the screens on May 13, 2022.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar 

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