Decoding Why 'Ramayan' Fetches Astronomical Numbers Even In Today's Times

So what is it that Ramayan is grabbing these massive numbers that not even the best-rated current show cannot? Is it just nostalgia or something else? I tried to decode the same.

It does feel like the era of 90s is indeed back where the television sets may be advanced than earlier but has shows like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Shaktiman, Hum Paanch and many more going on.

Back then, these shows weren't just about entertaining viewers but they brought a sense of togetherness and the staple of coming together to watch a particular show was prevalent. Now that everyone's (almost) busy lives have come to a huge pause and self-isolation is obligatory, the rerun of these iconic shows is fetching astronomical numbers, especially Ramayan.

So what is it that Ramayan is grabbing these massive numbers that not even the best-rated current show cannot? Is it just nostalgia or something else? I tried to decode the same.

The Numbers Game Like Never Before

The last shows that we remember having figures like 15-16 TRP points were that of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and ever since then, it has never happened again. But the rerun of Ramayan has grabbed those numbers in today's times which reminds us how it is not impossible to achieve otherwise. Even Mahabharat fetching around 4.7 points are the kinds of numbers that even Naagin franchise couldn't sustain. It is almost difficult to soak in that it has happened and it is possible even today.


The Circumstances

Of course, one would be naive to imagine that in our pre-coronavirus daily lives, these reruns would fetch such numbers and it is indeed the circumstances right now that has led it to happen. But even then, this is a pleasant opportunity for all the Mum and Dads, and even the 90s kids to have the current Z generation just get the knowledge and awareness about cult shows. They may or may not actually sit down to watch it but would certainly gain knowledge and a sense of trivia about it.


Nostalgia - And It's Never-Ending Charm

It is fascinating as to how nostalgia plays such a key role in anything we do even in our normal lives, let alone watching an old show. Humans thrive on memories - good or bad. There is always a sense of comfort revisiting your 'old days' and having the opportunity to at times re-live them is all the more beautiful. That charm works with Ramayan too, where now probably an 80-90-year-old somewhere will be watching a show he/she loved from her earlier days just as the current lot is.


Epics Are Epic

Over a year ago, I did a piece on how mythological and historical shows in India will always have a special place in everyone's hearts and while not every show of that genre will work but the success ratio overall is higher. This has held importance always and Ramayan grabbing these numbers is another reminder of the same. India is a rather amusing country where religion and history might at times she the reason for wars and communal divide but is also the reason for togetherness and love.


Ending on that note, I don't quite know if Ramayan will be able to sustain such numbers in the coming weeks but even if it doesn't, we won't forget this pleasant moment in the troubled times we currently are in.

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Ramayan is popular because it show how rich our culture and religion is .
The Ramayan by Ramanand sagar is perfect in terms of its cast ,music and dialogues. There is no harsh music ,effect or moments repeating again and again .every individual who sees it can relate to it .it doesn't have any superficial content like seen in these days dramas

4 years ago

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