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Daya to become a teacher in CID

Sony Entertainment Television’s most popular show CID is soon going to come with an interesting episode for its viewers!

Sony TV's most popular show CID is soon going to come with an interesting episode for its viewers. The episode will start with the introduction of a Hit-man, Tiger, who is hired to do a job in a very famous Boarding school. Fortunately Tiger dies in a freak road accident, but the cops are still worried that whoever hired Tiger, will hire someone else to finish the job. They also need to find out what the job is. For this purpose, ACP sends Senior Inspector Daya, as an undercover chemistry teacher to the boarding school.

Meanwhile on a parallel track, cops are led to the person who paid Tiger the money. Daya is still undercover and is trying to find out if anything fishy is going on in the school. He gets into a very interesting sweet and sour relation with one of the boarding school kid, 11 year old Rishab. Rishab is an inquisitive and smart kid, who gets bullied by his senior. 

Daya helps Rishab tackle the bullying kids in a smart way and they become very good friends. Another teacher at the school, Shekhar appears to be very mysterious and Daya has his doubts on him. Drama starts when the villains manage to kidnap Rishab, and fire a couple of bullets at Daya. Daya is critically injured and he is hospitalized. Meanwhile the cops also learn that Shekhar ran away from the school during the kidnapping.

Now the mystery is who has kidnapped Rishab? Will CID team able to find that?



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-Twinkles- 6 years ago Daya Sir's bonding with kids is always a treat to watch ...!!
subha. 6 years ago thanks for the article!!
Looking forward to the episode!Daya sir's a superb actor!
khushboo_kzk 6 years ago Chemistry teacher...Daya?
haven't seen him like this before...good to see something new on CID...

looking forward to a new episode...
padma_ss 6 years ago interesting plot..waiting for the episode..
bollywoodwala 6 years ago Daya to become a teacher :-O
Ive never seen him doing that before in CID. Can imagine Daya in action packed roles only... Really want to see the episode
SujaLuvsMayur 6 years ago Interesting plot. Waiting fr most dashing chemistry teacher who has awesome smile :-)
plz tag Daya sir's profile.
Dear10 6 years ago Why dayanand shetty is not tag in the article jabki article ka title hai daya to become a teacher in cid. Anyways thanx for article
..Roopal.. 6 years ago request to the writer:
dayanand shetty is not tagged in the article?...whole article is on him and no tag?
i have seen many news on the so called happening shows with unnecessary tags bt here when needed there is no tag..
its very hurting...
mano86 6 years ago wooo.. looks like Daya Sir's ranking's boost up :)

anxiously waiting for the epi..

i guess CID has made to the home page for the 1st time !
astonish 6 years ago Awaiting the Episode... badly... Looks like an interesting plot :)
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