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Dance till you Drop Dead - Part Two

We talk to the Jhalak participants about their experiences and comfort level while dancing and much more...Read the second part of the article...

Published: Saturday,Oct 13, 2007 12:51 PM GMT-06:00
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With the second elimination of Jhalak scheduled for later tonight, we at Telly Buzz continue with our series on all the jodis. What they feel and their fears. . If you have missed out reading the Part 1 of this series, please check this!

Cyrus Broacha:

Dance till you Drop Dead - Part Two
This insanely crazy comedian and vj is going to add the comedy touch to Jhalak. Though we wonder what the other contestants feel about his constant quips.

Afraid of judges’ comments?: See, after the performance, I just shut my self so it really does not matter how much they insult me

Anchoring or Dancing, the better option: Dancing for when I anchor nobody pays attention anyway.

We have heard that you trouble everybody on sets: Someone has to loosen up the atmosphere.

Tapur Chatterjee:

Dance till you Drop Dead - Part Two
This classy model and grand daughter of noted film maker Hrishekh Mukherjee has ruled the ramp for the last 7 years. Besides walking the ramp, Tapur loves painting and has won a national award for the same.

Your take on back biting on sets: I don't bother about what people speak behind my back. If you got the guts, say it on my face.

Compare yourself to other contestants?: Leaving a few, most are all actors. So they at least know how to give facial expressions, if not dance. But for me, it is totally a new ball game.

Major positive out of Jhalak: This show is helping me to break the wrong notion, that Tapur is your typical snooty model.

Any more TV after this?: I never say never.

Mika Singh:

Dance till you Drop Dead - Part Two
This Punjab da Puttar is on a roll. The super success of Ae Ganpath has taken this younger brother of Daler Mehendi to new heights in the music industry.

Your take on rival show Nach?: Unfortunately, Nach only has Rakhi and Kashmeera as known faces, while our show has a host of well known celebs.

Difference between dancing in stage shows and in Jhalak: At my own concert, I am the king. But out here I have to follow choreographer’s instructions to the T.

Is this regional voting a good trend?: When the public loves somebody, they vote with their hearts and not head.

Any guess who will go out tomorrow?: Mostly me, for I have not been able to give proper time for rehearsals. But then, you never know, for my Punjabi fans just might save me.


Mir Ranjan Negi:

Dance till you Drop Dead - Part Two
This original Chak de hero is the oldest of Jhalak jodis . Wonder whether he can repeat the astro turf super success on the dance floor?

Difference between hockey and dancing: No comparison. Hockey will always remain my life. Here I just want to have fun.

Any fears?: You bet. I am not used to dancing hence get panicky and shy.

Special efforts taken to Chak De on the dance Floor: I am trying to give something new to my viewers. Here, I am not a coach or a player, I am a performer.

Dancing at 51, is it too late?: Not at all. This is a message to all the people who think that life end at 50.

Jay Bhanushali:

Dance till you Drop Dead - Part Two
The flirtatious Jay Bhanushali is the new wonder of tellywood. His completely different characters in Kayamath and Kyunki have proved that he is a versatile actor. We wonder if he can make the same waves on the dance floor as well.

Favourite bollywood dancer: Without a doubt Hrithik Roshan. I just loved his complicated steps in Dhoom 2.

Your equation with your choreographer: It's great. Initially I gave her a tough time though.

Are you a good or bad dancer?: I would call myself an average dancer, who is becoming better by the day.

Difference in shaking a leg at parties and grooving to choreographed steps?: A whole world of difference. At parties, we dance just to enjoy. While here we have to take all the technical aspects into consideration as well.

Happy time reading, Folks!!

Reporter: Anil Merani, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Anil Merani

Pls Note: We could not get Sudha Chandran's quotes, as she was busy. We wil update the article as soon as we get her...

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