Dance India Dance bids Good bye to

ZEE TV Dance India Dance gears up for two more elimination this weekend.

This friday be prepared to witness yet another tension filled episode in ZEE TV Dance India Dance produced by The Right Picture.

This week will see the talented Naresh from Remo Ke Rangeele and Vandana from Terrence Ki Toli going out.

According to our Source "Dharmesh and Binny were in danger from Geeta Ki Gang, Pravesh and Vandana from Terence Ki Toli and Naresh and Nikitasha from Remo Ke Rangeele who were in the bottom six".

Dance India Dance Season 2 get's its first celebrity guest in Salman Khan this weekend. Salman graced the set to promote his upcoming film Veer and was very much impressed with Shakti Mohan and Kuwar rope dance. He too wanted to try out the rope dance but was initially nervous. But after getting convinced by Terrance he tried his hand at it. He also gave a grand salute to Binny, Dharmesh and Kishore's performance.

Watch out the elimination episode this Saturday at 9.30pm on ZEE TV.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Salman Khan

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Dance India Dance Season 2

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Comments (31)

hi nikitasha we like your dancing evry week we waiting to see your dancing u can dance all of dance best of luck

14 years ago

how can she put dharmesh in the bottom two....urgh...and how can vandana go out...

14 years ago


14 years ago

I can't believe that Naresh has gone out

14 years ago

vandana deserved to stay.....n teena n altaf frm geeta's gang too deserved to stay..........

i dun agree wid d decisions....

14 years ago

GUYZZ!! we hav'nt seen Vandana's performance yet..may be she was not better than Nikitasha and Binny in the bottom six round.....and as for Dharmesh going in the bottom six, kishore might have performed well for GEETA.

14 years ago

Its sad to see Vandana & Naresh go...
Aw, Shakti & Kunwar are paired with each other again? yay, loved them the last time

14 years ago

wow! can't wait for salman to come in the show

14 years ago

bad decision
they both are awesome

14 years ago

bad decision, i cant believe it! vandana was great and got a salute, so not fair.

14 years ago

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