'Daddy you were simply amazing'- Navjot Singh Sidhu

Tellybuzz in conversation with Navjot Singh Sidhu, who conducted himself with great poise on Bigg Boss Season 6 on Colors

Published: Saturday,Nov 10, 2012 19:17 PM GMT-07:00
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Navjot Singh Sidhu, with his balanced, mature and calm personality brought great positivity in the negative atmosphere of the Bigg Boss house. He was however unexpectedly made to exit the house last night. In a press conference held at the J.W.Marriott today he told the press, "My wife called me saying that I needed to campaign for the BJP in the upcoming Gujarat elections. This was absolutely unexpected and unforeseen. The call of duty however made me leave the house. I left the house at 3am. I then got to know that there was a press conference, otherwise I would have directly taken a flight."

The most obvious question that he was asked especially by the political journalists was, "Should a politician enter the Bigg Boss house?" His reply was, "My daughter would tell me, 'My daddy strongest. However I won't let you enter the Bigg Boss house.'" I therefore took this up as a challenge. Also this Bigg Boss season unlike the previous seasons is for family viewing which is why I accepted the offer readily."

Sidhu was being asked a volley of controversial questions on politics to which he explained, "This is a press conference concerning Bigg Boss. I will reply to whatever question on Bigg Boss I am asked but not any other question. Just like Prince Arjuna's mind was fixed on the fish's eye during the swayamvar, my mind as of now is fixated solely on Bigg Boss."

Bigg Boss according to Sidhu is a test of one's endurance. He elaborated, "In the Bigg Boss house you are totally cut off from the world. In the house you have no phone, newspaper, watch, internet, family and friends.  It is very easy to lose your cool in that house. The game is all about when you will break down. I tried best to walk the right path in the house, did no back biting and talked ill about nobody. Even if you conduct yourself badly for one minute on the entire show but are on your best behavior otherwise, that one moment may ruin your reputation and eclipse your good conduct otherwise."

On his stance on not to nominate anybody for eviction he said, "That was a spontaneous and unplanned decision. After all we had just entered the house and didn't even know one another properly. So it would be unfair to nominate anybody for eviction. Also I felt that rather than being compelled to badmouth the contestants when you have to cite reasons for their eviction, it would be a better idea to praise the contestants you feel should stay on."

When asked who he liked and disliked his diplomatic reply was, "There was nobody whom I disliked. I however disliked the thought process of some people. I can however say that I liked Delnaaz Irani, Aashka Goradia, Aseem Trivedi and Niketan Madhok."

Who according to him will win Bigg Boss? He immediately replied, "Delnaz as she is after all very endearing. Men of genius I admire. Men of power I fear. Men of character I trust. You can really rely on Delnaz."

When asked as to why he didn't participate enough in household chores he brought to our notice, "Well, I cleaned the bathrooms- that however wasn't shown on TV."

So are politicians evicted early from the Bigg Boss house? After all Sanjay Nirupam's stay in the house was also short-lived. He replied, "Well, I think Sanjay was in the house for a week whereas I stayed on for six weeks."

What does he think of host Salman Khan? Sidhu is full of praise for him, "Though in his forties Salman looks as if he is in his mid twenties. He is an indispensable part of the show, his wit and humour gives a new complexion to the show. Indeed he has a magnetic personality."

So will he bidding adieu from the house hamper the show? His modest reply was, "Even when great cricketers like Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar bid adieu to cricket; the game went on. Imminent politicians retire but that doesn't hamper politics. Similarly the show will go on despite me leaving the house."

On leaving the house Sidhu immediately made a phone call to his dear daughter. It was an emotional moment for both father and daughter. His daughter was after all in tears and praised her dearest dad, "My daddy strongest. Daddy you were simply amazing in the house. You are my role model and will forever remain that way."

We wish him all the best in his personal and professional life. For more updates on the show please keep watching this space.

Reporter and Author: Pallavi Bhattacharya

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DaddyMarvel 9 years ago I am glad the double-faced dog is out. It was high time they showed him the door.
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samrudhi.r 9 years ago You conducted extremely well in the house. proud of u
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shumi. 9 years ago he is totally a fake person, convicted of homicide...
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down
krittika23 9 years ago He was really good in the house :) Kudos to him !
Reply thumbs-up 9 thumbs-down
sarasingh86 9 years ago Amazing Personality. Hats off to Sidhu sir the way he conducted himself in the house. From his Immense Self control to witty humour. Learned lot from him. And Ofcourse ur daughter have every reason to be proud of You. May Waheguru bless u.
Reply thumbs-up 16 thumbs-down
dare.devil 9 years ago FINALLY he is gone!!!! though i would have liked to c him in the house uncover this FAKE mask he was wearing of being god of the house...it was slowly uncovering the way he behaved with vrajesh for a silly task becoz he went AGAINST him and talked abt aashka ..it was uncovering..i wish he stayed for a while so the world could see his fake mask uncover
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Budtameez 9 years ago Narendra Modi & BJP are going to win a landslide election in Gujarat despite Navjot Singh Sidhu campaigning for the BJP in the upcoming Gujarat elections!

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Moon-Sparkle 9 years ago Nobody can replace him in BB6
Totaly amazing person with great personality
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Charu21 9 years ago This house is gonna be a mad house now! No 2nd thought on that! He was a support system for many!

But in live feed didn't Ashka tell Delnaz that he is gonna leave on 9th or so?? They were even discussing how BB is gonna show his exit!!! obviously just then the camera scene had to change! :P2012-11-10 10:39:10
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Lumos 9 years ago but what bugs me is why spend six weeks for personal gains sidelining public duty?? The people cast their vote for u to serve the public and not play a game for personal profit! Shame on our netas! And yes...election is a personal duty and NOT a public duty!
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