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CRY hosts 'Express Your Rights Contest'

There is a lot to explore and express... and this is just a click away... calling all children between the age group of 10 yrs – 14 yrs... here's your chance to showcase your imagination...

Published: Wednesday,Jan 30, 2008 15:31 PM GMT-07:00
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There’s no stopping to expressions… so log on to crybuddies.cry.org and take part in ‘Express Your Rights Contest’

There is a lot to explore and express… and this is just a click away… calling all children between the age group of 10 yrs – 14 yrs… here’s your chance to showcase your imagination…

CRY has especially conceptualised an ‘Express your rights contest’ on crybuddies.cry.org for children. This contest offers a platform for children to let lose their imagination and do all fun things like drawing, painting, writing a poem, sketching etc… this contest about THEIR thoughts, THEIR ideas and THEIR dreams… THEIR life!!!

The contest starts from January 28 and ends on February 10… So kids... rush your entries to crybuddies.com and get CRY wallpapers. The first 20 entries will receive CRY bookmarks and the 10 best entries will receive special CRY prizes!!!

As Dr.Arun Kumar says 'A space where you can write for Rights, draw your dreams, share your flights'.

Take a sampler: Words are such funny things. All you have to do is put them in a box and shake it up and suddenly you have complete nonsense! Like Amitabh Bachchan once said...English is a bhery phunny language!

Can you make sense of these jumbles below?

GITRSH What all children should have

YDBUD Friend, Pal

LYPA What all children love to do

DUSYT What many children dont like doing and many children wish they could do

Imagine what fun if we can do this with paint! Taking three colours and mixing them up or splash them on paper and see what happens! All kinds of fun things can happen...all we have to do is free our minds!

Do you like stuff like this...drawing, writing a story or poem, or painting....Do you want a chance to show off your skills to other children all over India and the world!!!! Well then, CRYbuddies is the place for you! Visit www.crybuddies.cry.org to find out how to take part in the “Express your Rights” contest!

It's all about YOU! YOUR thoughts. YOUR ideas. YOUR dreams. YOUR life!

CRYbuddies is a site meant for childrento know and understand their rights and most importantly a space for children to express themselves.
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Kavi85 @Kavi85 15 years ago WOW this great...they are making lot of efforts.... keep up the good work CRY
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