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Creative changes in Pyar Ki;Hanif out of the show

Star Ones’ Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani has undergone a lot of creative changes, as a result of which, the character of Hanif Hilal has been dropped.


Hanif Hilal, the choreographer turned actor had been offered an interesting role in Star One and Balaji Telefilms' Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani.
However, the latest is that the creative team has worked out lots of changes in the story line, so much so that they have removed the negative shaded character, which Hanif was to play.
A little birdie tells us, "The initial few episodes that had been shot, have been scrapped and the re-shoot has begun. The story line has been altered and the fresh story has nothing do with the popular Twilight. The negativity in the show which Hanif's character was to bring has been taken off."
We hear that the story will be a dark love-story instead, while Vivian Dsena,  Sukirti Khanpal and Priya Val will be introduced in the initial episodes, the fourth lead, Vikas Goopta's entry will happen only after first ten episodes.
When contacted Hanif said, "I was suppose to play a character, however, I have not been contacted recently. Above all, I don't know about the creative changes going on."
The unit was to shoot at Lavassa, but bad weather has spoiled their plans. Later they decided to shoot at Hyderabad, but that too did not materialize. Presently the team is contemplating to shoot at Panchgani. These creative changes have pushed back the launch date of the show and Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani is expected to launch on Oct. 11.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Nidhi Soparawala

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c00l_girl 2010-09-28T03:13:24Z plz now strt da show.... cant wait for the show!!!
best_punz 2010-09-23T00:31:42Z oh god plz strt dis show fast cant wait for vivian yaaa!!!!
sweet_asi 2010-09-22T18:01:54Z suriti isnt suitable for such an intense story whether its based on twilight or vampire diaries..sorri suku fan
..oishu.. 2010-09-22T12:17:33Z hmmm ...all that fuss for nothing!!! the only reason it garnered so much attention was coz it was twilight its gonna go down the drain.....

DV_LVR 2010-09-21T21:25:14Z hmmm ...all that fuss for nothing!!! the only reason it garnered so much attention was coz it was twilight its gonna go down the drain.....
sababa29 2010-09-21T13:47:46Z i was going to watch it thinking dat its storyline is based on twilight n dat dude dt talks abt fire all de tym is gonna be our vampire edward he even looks as pale as a dis is NOT gonna be twilight ?
im not gonna watch it if its NOT i don lyk the gal dat plays the main lead..
Shipra_S 2010-09-21T03:09:04Z will this show ever get launched?Stern Smile
nb.neha 2010-09-21T02:51:58Z nothing to do with twilight then why does the promo show that car scene which exatly resembles twilight???????
pooja_l 2010-09-20T23:21:17Z hahaha, now no more twilight thing, thank god

nandini27 2010-09-20T23:10:51Z i was sure this was meant to happen....i think dey r gonna make Vampire Diaries instead of Twilight....and is it just me or Vikas is gonna b Damon????!!
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