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Listening to music and watching movies are only the only means I follow to get relaxed. And sometimes I try some embroidery also.

Q.: Which film made you cry?
A.: "Arth".

Q.: Is there anyone you want to forgive?
A.: My cable operator who always change channels as he wishes.

Q.: Is there any such film that you have watched for hundred times since your childhood?
A.: "Angoor".

Q.: Who did you write a letter to, for the last time?
A.: I wrote my last letter to my cousin seven or eight days back.

Q.: Which is your favorite gadget?
A.: Mobile.

Q.: What's the brand of your cell phone?
A.: Nokia.

Q.: Last time you went on a holiday.
A.: At Astavinayak.

Q.: Thing that can make you cry.
A.: When I come face to face with true moments.

Q.: How would you like to be remembered - as an actor or a human being?
A.: I would like to be remembered as both.

Q.: Can you cook any dish?
A.: Yeah, I can. If I was not an actress, then I would have become a chef only. It's my fall back profession.

Q.: You hate most –
A.: I hate people who are not punctual.

Q.: If you are given one chance to serve the nation, what will you do?
A.: I will do something for education of children.

Q.: Your favorite holiday destination.
A.: Pune Mumbai Express Highway.

Q.: Something that you want to change in yourself.
A.: I would like change my down to earth personality. I am very innocent, and innocence sometimes begets trouble for me.

Q.: Your favorite hero and heroine.
A.: Among actresses, I like Kareena Kapoor and among actors, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan are my favorites.

Q.: Your happiest moment till date.
A.: When I meet my family and especially cousins. That's the happiest moment for me.

Q.: Last time you went for a charity.
A.: I never remember charities. It's completely our necessity.

Q.: Something of which you never get bored of.
A.: There are many such things. There are things like decorating my house, cooking and writing.

Q.: What do you do for getting relaxed?
A.: Listening to music and watching movies are only the only means I follow to get relaxed. And sometimes I try some embroidery also.

Q.: The most memorable place.
A.: I went to Vivara Island for one of my shootings. It's the most memorable place for me.

Q.: Your fitness schedule.
A.: It's very important for me. I have to walk one hour everyday. If I don't have time in the morning, I make sure to do it in the evening.

Q.: Do you go to gym? If yes, then to which gym?
A.: Yeah, its name is Jaif.

Q.: What do you think is the most important element in your food?
A.: I love to have sweet dishes after my meal. And I have to pay a lot for that. But by sweet I don't mean chocolates. I simply hate chocolates. I actually love sweet dishes.

Q.: The game you like most.
A.: I was a die-hard fan of cricket. But as Kapil Dev was convicted, I lost my interest in cricket. I never miss Wimbledon finals.

Q.: How do you spend your holiday?
A.: Sunday morning means a lot to me. I never like to go for shoots on Sundays. I generally get up late on holidays. Then I do pranayam. Then I go to the gym. I do meditation. Then I make calls to all the people I forget to call during the weekdays.

Q.: Man and woman you are most influenced by –
A.: It's tough for me to take any particular name. But still if I have to name someone, I would like to remember Asha Bhonsle and A R Rehman.

Rajnee Gupta -(SAMPURN)

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