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Contest of the Week!!

We are here again for the contest crazy readers along with the winners of last week's Spot the difference.

Published: Sunday,Sep 09, 2007 21:10 PM GMT-06:00
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Hello and Welcome friends with another week of fun and frolic here on Telly Buzz at the Contest Corner!! Once again, we are back with a bang with ..Odd one Out..!!! so It's time to test your brain cells all over again!! However, before we proceed to this week's puzzle, lets applaud the last week's Contest Winners. We are really thankful to all the readers for the overwhelming response,we recieved more than 100 entries,Thank you all for participating and sending your entries. We all are highly greatful for the interest shown!:-

Answers of Last week contest were :

Embroidery on the shirt/kurta of the eldest boy at the end,An extra girl in the background near the plants/tree,More leaf/leaves on the plant/tree where she is,Bow on the blouse/choli sleeve of the main girl,Tikka in her head,Bindi on her forehead,Necklace of the main girl,More Bangles on her right hand.

and the Winners are:-
Ms.S.K., Nusheen , S A R A H , priya.nair ,memsaab
Congratulations to the Winners!!

Now lets see what we have in store for you all this week in...
Contest of the Week!!
Contest of the Week!!
Contest of the Week!!

There is something common in the "Stars" shown above..except the one who is ODD!!

your entries to buzzingbees
Please do not post your answers here!

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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 16 years ago this one is too easy thats it hard!
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dipti @Cool_Dipti 16 years ago Easy enough to identify the odd one!..hehe..
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Aditi @adoremevirgo 16 years ago I hv sent the answer.......quite easy.......took me just 1 sec to find out
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kelly @kelly12 16 years ago omg its sooo hard...cant figure out wat it is
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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago I think i know...PMed my answer

Wow 100 entries!Congrats to the TB Team!
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sharmin45 @sharmin45 16 years ago OMG THIS IS SO HARD, I DUNNO DA ANSWER.........BUT I'LL TRY
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nikky @~NiKkY~ 16 years ago oh my god.............i have no idea but i'll make an guess.hmm........they all look kinda young except for 1!
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maha786 @maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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Priyanka @priyankap 16 years ago eh...im bad at all this.cant figure it out...
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