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Common-iesta (Aishwarya & Katrina)

Here's BollyCurry bringing you a third installment of the Common-iesta articles...

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Here's BollyCurry bringing you a third installment of the Common-iesta articles, this time the ladies on the hot seats being Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Witout delay, we draw the parallels:

* Of course, we couldn't resist bring up the ex-connexion yet another time! Ex-flame aka ex-beau Salman Khan is possibly the strongest common point in the publicly known lives of both ladies. Noticeable also is the fact that Salman Khan has been consequential in becoming a launchpad to success for both women in their respective Bollywood careers. However, the difference lies in Aish having severed all links with her ex lover boy after much drama galore, while Katrina who openly neither admitted to being with him nor splitting still claims to be great friends with him. Oh well!

Both women on account of physical attributes to their appearances are tall, fair, have lovely locks and can look stunning in just about anything!

* Both Aish and Kat have had a long list of endorsements to their credit, with beauty product Lux being a common one.

* Apart from Salman Khan, both actresses have had much luck and delivered their respective share of blockbusters with not just Salman Khan, but also Akshay Kumar.

And those are the tally charts from us! Let us hear yours!

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