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'Colors' that Heal!

Colors are a very important part of our life, and here is Dr. Kaajol Karia talking about the positive and destructive colors of various television stars...

Published: Monday,Jan 28, 2008 21:38 PM GMT-07:00
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Our life and world is full of 'Colors'. We cannot imagine a world without colors. Even the TV and bollywood films have transformed from black and white world to color pictures to give it a beautiful dimension. Every human has favorite colors and often choose the color of dress, color of the paint and various other things based on the color of our choice. But have we ever wondered whether these colors have lot of significance in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane?

Colors that Heal!
Colors are very important part of our life and ISHTAR, headed by Dr. Kaajol Karia, is a holistic training and healing centre who guide and help people to heal using a mixed bag of therapies, and color therapy being one among them. There are totally seven chakras of our body and they are like our colored batteries. When our batteries are charged we feel good, but the wrong colors cause our batteries to get discharged. Color therapy uses color as a medium to balance our body, mind and soul.

We thought of finding out the positive and destructive colors of various television stars which may help them to create a positive vibe around them.

Mona Singh:

Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Red/Pink/Brown
Destructive Color: Black/Green
Complimentary Color: Black – Blue, Green-Yellow.
Divine Message: Allow yourself to play. Let the child within you come out and enjoy your life.

Divyanka Tripathi:

Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Blue/Green/Yellow
Destructive Color: Brown / Red
Complimentary Color: Brown – Pink, Red - Yellow.
Divine Message: Pick up the pace of your life. Add a new activity, make a new acquaintance, read a new book, or take a new course.


Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Orange/ violet/ Green
Destructive Color: Black/ Red
Complimentary Color: Black – Magenta, Red - Blue.
Divine Message: The positive energy you project in your dream will produce a positive reality. Rejoice at your choice.

Gurdip Kohli:

Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Orange/ Black/ Brown
Destructive Color: Yellow/ Red
Complimentary Color:Yellow – Violet, Red - Sky Blue.
Divine Message: The answer to every question in any situation lives within you. The intelligence inside you has all the answers.

Shilpa Anand:

Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Violet/ Blue/Red
Destructive Color: Black
Complimentary Color: Black- Pink
Divine Message: Don't question, analyze, or doubt the first answer your intuition gives you.

Cezanne Khan:

Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Black/Pink/Lavander/Green
Destructive Color: Red/ Brown
Complimentary Color: Red- Pink/Green, Brown- Yellow
Divine Message: You are the Divine's divine design. He does not make mistakes. Love yourself as you are.

Vivan Bhatena:

Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Violet/ Green/ Yellow
Destructive Color: Red/Orange
Complimentary Color: Red- Sky Blue, Orange- Yellow.
Divine Message: When you give others what they want, you will paradoxically receive what you want. If you want power, empower others.

Shabbir Ahluwalia:

Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Yellow/ Blue/Orange
Destructive Color: Black/ Violet
Complimentary Color: Black- Sky Blue, Violet- Green.
Divine Message: Make others the focal point. Give generously, listen intently, praise freely, and love unceasingly.

Karan Singh Grover:

Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Green/ Orange/ Lavander
Destructive Color: Red/ Blue
Complimentary Color: Red- Yellow, Blue- Pink.
Divine Message: Be open, honest, and honourable in all your endeavours.

Pulkit Samrat:

Colors that Heal!
Positive Color: Violet/ Yellow/ Orange/ Brown
Destructive Color: Black/ Red
Complimentary Color: Black- Yellow, Red- Blue
Divine Message: Establish high standards, principles, and values for yourself, and then kick it up a level. In everything you do, be true to yourself.

Special Thanks to: Dr. Kaajol Karia

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Vijay Bhatter @vijay 15 years ago Nice Article... Would be interested in finding out positive and negative colors for me.

And would be interested in knowing more about the science behind it.

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maha786 @maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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Anjali @blyton 15 years ago I have been thinking for a long time that Mona should not wear black and green, they don't even suit her personality. Now it seems they are destructive for her too. Pink and red really suit her and bring out the little girl in her. So this thing really seems to work.
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Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago Oye who is the Author ....
How come my name is missing from the list..

Pulkit Samrat: is more looking like teenage Hr
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Gracella @TrustYourSelf 15 years ago great!! and my cezanne khan is listed too!!
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aisha @desi_baby07 15 years ago awesome & interesting!
i wonder what mine are... :p
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Ammu @ammmu 15 years ago Hmmm, interesting... quite a few similarities here. THanks for the article!

So brown and pink for Divya?? that's a nice combination... I dont really believe in these kinds of things but i'd still want to see her in those colours :)
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Priyanka @pribhu 15 years ago great articale...luv ya karan and shilpa=)
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Aanya @kisnatulsi 15 years ago thanks.....awesome article....love shilpa anita karan n pulkit...more
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fm05 @fm05 15 years ago Colour therapy is quite intriguing. It makes me want to understand it in more detail. Thanks for a great article.
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