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CID to solve the case the curious murder of a Rock star

This week Sony TV’s longest running show CID will solve the murder case of a Rock star…

Sony Entertainment Television's CID has been solving many of the difficult and curious cases, this week again CID team has to solve another mysterious murder. 

There is a rock concert organized in a big auditorium where Rocky and his band are going to perform today. Auditorium is full of crowd and they all are cheering for the show to start.

As the show gets started and Rocky starts singing, suddenly something goes wrong and Rocky is caught up in fire. He burns up and falls on the stage in front of everyone, and he dies immediately. Everyone is stunned, where the fire came at the stage and in between the show all of a sudden. CID start the investigation as they find out that Rocky was targeted and he died because of electrocution which was connected to the stage exactly where he was standing... all was planned in advance.

They find out that one of his band mates Karan has done this as he was jealous of Rocky's fame. He confesses his crime but the twist comes as cops gets to know that he is not the killer but someone else has done this... but then why Karan confesses his crime...who is the third person involved in all this.


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DemonStar 6 years ago Thanks for the article. Hoping for a memorable episode.
rukhsar.crazy 6 years ago thanks for the article
its good to c they r bringing many articles on CID these days..
binod.abhijeet 6 years ago cid is the best...egarly waiting for the episode...
BlueBloodQueen 6 years ago CID ROCKS...
Good night wishes for all CID members from my side...
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