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CID cops in a new avatar!

TV’s renowned cops imitate Dabbawallas and don their look in the upcoming episodes of Sony TV’s investigative series CID.

Dabbawallas are the undisputed heartbeat of Mumbai. Synonymous with the city, their much dedicated and committed workforce have made them the loyal service providers for hundreds of thousands of Mumbaikars. The community which is known for its unity and punctuality recently witnessed a new entry in their clan and guess who joined them? It was none other than the popular CID cops, Inspector Abhijeet and the inimitable Daya.

The duos were seen shooting for yet another exciting and exhilarating episode of CID. The special episode is set in the backdrop of popular locales of Mumbai. For the very first time the most admired cops of television will drop their usual garb and slip into the new Dabbawala role! Getting into the skin of their fresh avatar, the inspectors will be seen living the life of dabbawallas. From loading lunch boxes to traveling on cycles to mingling with the real-life dabbawallas, the cops will do it all!

Talking about his experience Aditya Srivastava aka Inspector Abhijeet said, "It was a great experience working with the real dabbawallas. They were really confident and shot the sequence effortlessly"

But what were the cops up to shedding their usual image and doing with the dabbawallas? Was this one of their many new tricks to nab a possible culprit?


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piya- 6 years ago The best part of the episode was the duo scenes :) Loved Abhijeet and Daya in the disguise, riding cycle and the the bike scene was also cool

Aditya Srivastava rocks as senior inspector Abhijeet

pinkpearl5 6 years ago Thanks for the lovely article tellybuzz! Loved it! And finally Adi sir is mentioned!!! :D keep giving us more! ;)
-SNEHAL- 6 years ago Woow! That's the only word i can say after today's dabbawala act by duo Aditya Srivastava and Dayanand shetty.

And thank you so so much TB for taking Aditya sir's opinion. Hope we get more in future.
Veena.. 6 years ago Aditya srivastava and dayanad shetty rocks :)
nsapo 6 years ago Ahaa...they asked Adi sir for opinion! God bless..waiting
Fari.Kashian 9 years ago Really dont like Kareena. She is so overrated. Only good thing she did was leave Shahid. I hate her pairing with him. He;s too good for her.

Anyways, lets see how long this "marriage" will actually last.
Best of luck anyways.
orchid70 9 years ago Why should they care about when they are getting married when they already live together..

Get real!!2011-03-16 17:13:32
zara_11 9 years ago Oh wow, I can't wait to see when they get married, but i want to know their inviting guest list more. I wonder who theire going to invite.
aree 9 years ago more than the couple itself,their marriage is in news all the time =)
spare them for heaven's sake nagging media!!
Lata 9 years ago what is there to get married for....what difference would it make just that she will become a begum from a babe...
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