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Celebrating 60 years of Independence with 60 Glorious Stars - I

Telly Buzz celebrates India's 60 years of Independence with quotes from 60 Stars of Indian television. Get Ready for Action!

Published: Friday,Aug 17, 2007 11:14 AM GMT-06:00
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Independence truly means - Freedom - the spirit of being free. Free from all that is bad and yet bonding to all that is good. On 15th August in the year 1947, India became free from slavery, torture and injustice and got itself Independence to get bonded to an endless era of glory, fame, and power. It is in these 60 years that India has become one of the super powers and is making a mark in every field – to put in a nutshell – its getting retired. It is this day that we take the opportunity to thank millions of people – Be it our brave soldiers, the scientists or the sports men – who have risked lives, and put in every ounce of energy they got, to make India proud! In recent times, India has created waves across seas by beating every country and acing the entertainment industry. Whether it is a story about every house or a story of a simple girl next door who goes thru major twists and turns, Indian television has made a mark for itself, all around the globe.

And to celebrate this freedom, the team of Telly Buzz decided to celebrate India’s 60th Independence Day with 60 dazzling stars of the small screen with one star dedicated to every year. Folks, fasten your seat belts, as it’s a long ride ahead! Sit back and enjoy the ride!


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I am sure that every Indian does remember every freedom fighter who gave his/her life for the freedom of our country. They have given their lives to give us the Present India. So we now need to do something that will make them proud and things that they would want to see. The 4 couples from the afternoon slot serials, Kumkum, Bhabhi, Saarthi and KAA wanted to thank all our viewers and did something different for the special show. This show will give a surprise to the audience and will break the news that from now on, the afternoon slot serials will be extended till Friday and will be shown from Monday to Friday instead of Monday to Thursday.

Hiten Tejwani:

I am proud to be Indian and will always be proud to be Indian. You can see how we got our freedom I think they realize how important independence was for us and how we got. I will always be proud to be Indian. Vande Mataram is an all-time favorite song of mine.

Reshmi Ghosh:

It is the day like Independence Day that people become conscious and they want to portray that we are all very Indians and take good care. It should not be that, each and every day, every person should be taking care of each other. I would always want to say that be a nice human and be helpful, be calm and be kind so that it leads to harmony and in that way it will lead to a proper country. As a kid, I used to wave when the flag used to be hoisted in our colony and would run to get a grab at the sweets. These are fond memories. My favorite patriotic song is Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai..
Shweta Kwatra:

I wish Happy independence day! This day is special for me, as it brings back a lot of childhood memories for me. While most of the India watched the parades on TV, we would actually walk the Parade. If there was one thing I could do, I would send all the politicians back to school so that they could become educated. One thing I would like to change about India is, I would like to remove corruption.


I firmly believe that Gandhigiri works. I have seen many people changing after watching Munnabhai’s Gandhigiri. Those morals followed by Gandhiji can never fail.

Aamna Sharif:

If I could travel back in history, I would have definitely changed the decision of the partition of India. If today India Pakistan all had been together maybe lot of our problems have had not been there.

Manoj Bohra:

Wishing all a very happy independence day; Please keep your city, country and heart clean. We have to work towards keeping our country clean. The other day, i was listening to a patriotic song, and I see this throwing an empty packet of potato chips on the road. What are we thinking? Please don't make our country into one big garbage bin. It's not a trash can, it's our country, and if we don't take care of it, no one will. Go on a clean India drive - this is something very close to my heart. We need to inculcate these feelings right in school and colleges. The one thing i would do is to help clean this country up.

Aditya Narayan:

The oldest memory I have about this day is, when I was 9yrs old and I participated in a function on that day at Delhi. Almost the whole bollywood music industry was there that day. And after I sung the song “Nanha Munna Rahi Hu” I got a full standing ovation from them all.

Aamir Ali:

Always remember that we are Indians first; Let us all be united. The New India has already started few years back; we have started growing and growing. Probably, if we change our political scenario a bit, we might grow more as a Nation.

Kadambari Kadam:

I wish peace for everybody on earth on Independence Day, not only for India but for every human being. As a kid, I have acted in various school plays, but the major attraction was the chocolates we used to get on the Independence Day. My favorite song is Saare Jahaan Se Acha…

Mouni Roy:

Even as a kid, I used to dance every time in my school on some song or the other for the Independence Day. We used to make flags from morning, we used to help out our seniors to decorate the school with flowers. We used to prepare for the function and eat sweets and move back home. My favorite Independence Day song is Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon by Lata Mangeshkar.

Emon Chatterjee:

I feel proud that I am born in this country. This is the country of diverse culture. Our dialect, language, attire changes every 100 kms. But despite this diversity, we are ONE. I am very proud of my roots. Independence Day means a lot to me. It is a day to commemorate the martyrs who gave their lives to bring us freedom.

Yash Tonk:

We should feel proud to be a part of this country.. As citizens, we should decide to do something good for our country, be a better human being, and probably a less corrupt person.. You are helping the country in a way, if each individual takes a pledge to do something good for the Nation.


In short, I would say, 'Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon', the whole song as my message. For the betterment of the country, we could do many things. Railways is said to be the Heart of the Nation, especially in Mumbai. So we can probably work towards improving our railways. Another thing that I always wanted to do is to save the environment. I have few things in mind, have created few power point presentations too, to guide all to maintain the environment and nature in a good way. I want to organize a camp for children, where I teach them to plant small saplings in their free time, keep the environment clean. Green Revolution has to take place now or never!

Meiyang Chang:

I am proud to be an Indian. According to me, patriotism is a feeling which should not be restrained to August 15th and January 26th. It should be practiced beyond dates, religon and region. I salute our national leaders who gave their lives for this freedom stuggle.

Aamir Dalvi:

I know I am not shooting on 15th, so I would like to spend time with my family, with my daughter. We have a Flag Hoisting Function in our building, so I will take her there.. Otherwise, it will be a normal day with my family. We have got this freedom after much struggle, so we all need to know to value our freedom. We need to value the thoughts, feelings and sentiments of people around us. Just like our country is free, we need to give free space to individuals too.

Rajeev Khandelwal:

If I had the power to do anything I want on independence day, then I would get Sanjay Dutt out of jail and give him the independence on the day of our nations Independence.

Ismail Durbar :

Freedom for me is just a word. Otherwise where is freedom today? There are so many bonds we are tied up with these days.

Prashant Tamang:

As a kid, I loved to attend flag hoisting and don a tricolor on my T-shirt. And this habit hasn't changed even today. In darjeeling , we celebrate Independence Day.

Megha Gupta:

I would only say, respect the freedom that we have got. One needs freedom of expression, freedom of thoughts. If you have anything in mind, then say it out. As to me, that's the Real Freedom of an individual. India has improved a lot, but we need to do lots, so let us aim for that.

Vikas Maniktala:

Being a NCC cadet I was always busy with parade and all. But still remember that year when I was not there as cadet and spent the whole day on the terrace of my house flying kites with some of my friends and all family members. That is one independence day I always remember with fondness.

Amit Paul:

I am proud that this year we celebrate 60th anniversary of our Independence. But according to me we will be truly Independent when there will be employment and education for all in the country. Only then we will be INDEPENDENT.

Ankur Nayyar:

All should enjoy our freedom and know to value it. We need to keep our country clean from unhealthy stuff, also we need to give the more deserving ones the opportunity to move on in life.. So let us say NO to Reservation and keep our country clean this way!

Abhijeet Sawant:

I would request the people of India, that after indepedence day is over, please do not throw flags on streets or in garbage cans. It is really painful to see flags lieing on the streets like this after Independence day. Also, be good, and enjoy your freedom, yet understand your responsibility.

Ankita Mishra:

We don't have to give our lives to prove how patriotic we are. But every act of ours which will take our nation ahead will make our country a great nation and us, true Indians. What is special about this Independence day is the fact that a women President, Mrs Pratibhatai Patil, for the first time will get the guard of honor at the Independence day parade.I feel prod as a woman.

Rucha Gujrati:

Every individual should know his/her responsibility. I would say, please educate yourself, as literacy is very important. Awareness towards the world and your country comes automatically with education. In the afternoon band, we had a nice time as 4 couples from the afternoon slot got together for a special show. We gossiped, we played various games like bursting balloons, cycling, musical chair, hitting on pumpkins, blindfold etc. We also performed for musical numbers. The winning couple eventually donated the cash prize for charity, for a good cause. In this way, we had a nice time, away from the stressful work, with our friends.

Gurdeep Kohli:

Friends, it does not matter where you live, be it India or abroad; What matters is the pride for your country. Wherever you are, just make India proud. Be a good human being; and please have civic sense, take care of your country.

Raj Singh Arora:

On this 60th birthday, I wish her(India) all the success, glory and progress it truly deserves and is truly it's from the beginning of the time. My message to everyone would be just in one word - save this planet. It's not only India, we all have to do something to save this planet, to save the environment. London, New York, Mumbai....all have been hit by floods. Does not matter where we live, right now, both east and west need to come together and keep this earth Blue and green! One thing if I could do would be to end terrorism, and stop building war arsenals, All the countries in the world have to stop building weapons of mass destruction.

Puja Chatterjee:

This day is very emotional day for me. We, in our everyday lives don't stop to think as to what are we contributing towards this nation. Independence day when I hear our patriotic songs and think about it, I am really choked and inspired to do something for my country.

Chaitanya Chaudhury :
Ours is one Big Country, we need to learn to love each other and be at peace with each other, only then can we take on the world… I am an entertainer and I can only entertain people on this wonderful day. I have given 2 performances for star Plus. The Azaadi Express performance of mine is a solo consisting on a medley of songs. The patriotic song there to which I have danced is Rang De Basanti Chola.. For the afternoon band, I have danced for a number with Jennifer Winget, who is going to be my co-star in my new serial starting soon, Sangam.

Part two coming up soon with 30 more quotes of some of your favorite stars. Stay glued to Telly Buzz!

Reporters: Srividya Rajesh, Minnie Gupta, Barnali, Kirti B, Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Barnali

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