Buddha's mahurat on Buddha Poornima

Today on the occasion of Buddha Poornima, Spice Studios is ready to launch its grand mega production Buddha.

To be aired on Zee TV, Buddha will feature veteran actor Kabir Bedi who will be seen on Indian Television after a really long time. He plays Asit Muni who will introduce the show. Based on historical facts and telling the story of prince Siddharth and his transition from a royal to Buddha the show plans to portray the teachings of the great man. 

Playing Siddharth's father is actor Sameer Dharmadhikari who is a popular name in films and television. His popular roles were in Rajshri Productions Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli and Main Teri Parchhain Hoon. He is soon to be seen in Mahabharat too. 

Talking to TellyBuzz today even as he was getting ready for the mahurat shot for Buddha, Sameer said, "It is an important serial and a very prominent story and character that prompted me to say ok to it. I feel that this is a never explored story and looking at the sets, costumes I can say that this is an as yet unexplored territory and I am excited to be a part of it."

Sameer who has earlier too done mythologicals and historicals on Indian television feels that this is a very different show, "I can see that there is a sudden boom in mythologicals and historicals which are back with a bang suddenly and everyone is now exploring new subjects in these genres. However, with Buddha I can see the difference in the vast sets, excellent styling, costumes and even the language of the dialogues."

The show has a vast team which is working on all aspects of production and Sameer says that he is dependent on them as an actor, "I have not done any research about the role and neither do I know much about it at present. The team is surely working on it and I will get to know more about my character as the shoot progresses."

Unlike co-actor Kabit Bedi who has a strong bond with Buddhism as he was keen follower, Sameer has no such association, "I have never been a follower of Buddhism and not even read any books on it. However, because of this show I think I will be able to explore this religion and learn more about it. I am eager to know more about the person and the legend Gautam Buddha, his life and his teachings."

The set for the serial Buddha has been set up in a serene spot at Filmcity and that is a big relief for Sameer who stays nearby. "I can go home for lunch everyday" quips the actor on a lighter note.

Seema Khot Mattoo



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we so much missing sameer with Namrata Di

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love u so much sameer plz bring Namrata with U

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i missing u with Namrata...
come back sameer on daily basis show

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Thanks for the article ...
we wait for Sameer

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we are so much missing Sameer with Namrata ...

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Would like to see Namrata Thapa back together with Sameer Dharmadhikari on this or on any other show!

11 years ago

sameer u were really much demanded star...

11 years ago

Sameer ... r just hot and handsome...
And your expressions are awesom

11 years ago

sameer Love you alot...Keep smiling...Love you alot...Keep smiling...Love you alot...Keep smiling...Love you alot...Keep smiling...Love you alot..

11 years ago

sameer my handsone man i love you always

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