'Break-down' time at the Bigg Boss house!

Open nominations in Colors' Big Boss drive many contestants to tears...

It seems like Bigg Boss is getting really serious about his rules this season as some stringent orders are issued by him. First of all, locking up of Bakhtiar and Kamal Khan in the Bigg Boss jail, then Rohit Verma being instructed to maintain a 'maun vrat' for a day and not to forget the ouster of the infamous Kamal Khan from the house. But it really doesn't end there!

Last week the inmates of the Bigg Boss house yet again succeeded in breaking its rules by having discussions regarding nominations within themselves. So Bigg Boss decided to teach one and all a lesson by announcing open nominations! The nomination procedure remains the same except that the names have to be taken in the presence of everyone and not in the confession room. This obviously led to 'break-down' time! The atmosphere got bitterand vile as each one of them started letting out the names. The open nominations led to a number of accusations being hurled at Tanaaz-Bakhtiar and also for Shamita, Aditi and Rohit's break- down post nominations.

Viewers can also expect some really surprising nominations as the nominations this week get a complete twist! Strongest contenders find themselves nominated; existing groupism is in the open, everyone seems to be giving explanations to each other and much more. So who is nominated, any guesses?

Author: Rishitu Amarnani


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jsbfgse 10 years ago This content is hidden.
RagMasta 10 years ago love this show...its not a waste of time....
SimiSays 10 years ago i hate dis show!
an ol tym nonsense!
ArmaansGirl 10 years ago Oh Wow...Wat Drama! Lolz..This show is 2 Much 4 Me! :P
Shaina_b 10 years ago Whoever goes Raju should stay!!!!He is the entertainment in the show!!!!!

Gur.N.cool 10 years ago this open elimination is again for more drama
MasoomaBukhari 10 years ago I want Rohit to be eliminated this week.
Faraan92 10 years ago Datz gud.. har week open nomination honi chahye.. tab hi maza ayega..
leavesandwaves 10 years ago First they should have written down whom they are nominating. And they should read from their written chits. So that they will not be able to nominate the person who will nominate them first.
SecretKhabri420 10 years ago Vindu and Rohit should be nominated, Vindu for using rude language and his behaivours with Sherlyan when she was about to leave and gave him the task of cleaning the house the whole week and Rohit for that Claudia incident, which could results with all contestants misunderstands her, then same time for him going around discussing who to nominate.......
Infact BB should had nominate these two directly..........
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