Boogie Woogie in a New Avatar

Boogie Woogie on Sony, which is a successful dance show on Indian Television for 11 years will be redefined and revamped into a chic dance show. Watch Sansui Boogie Woogie on Sony at 8 pm every Fri-Sat.

Sony Entertainment Television is known to be one of the best in weekend programming. The weekend is packed with great programs, like CID, Indian Idol, Man Mein Hain Visshwas, and Boogie Woogie. Once again, they are back to their element and are now giving Boogie Woogie a face lift. Boogie Woogie is known to rock the Telly screen by entertaining viewers and showcasing new talents and performers.

Starting May 18th 2007, Boogie Woogie becomes Sansui Boogie Woogie with new talents performing in greater and better sets.
The dance show, which has entertained and enthralled millions in India for over a decade is bringing new specials, like KIDS CHAMPIONSHIPS, GROUP CHAMPIONSHIPS, and so much more. In addition, Sansui Boogie Woogie becomes bi-weekly at 8 pm every Friday and Saturday, immediately followed by Indian Idol 3. The new series begins with KIDS CHAMPIONSHIP this Friday, May 18th.

Boogie Woogie, which debuted on the telly screen in 1996, was the creation of Javed Jaffery, Naved, Jaffery, and Ravi Behl. They never believed it would be one of India’s successful dance shows. Boogie Woogie has been a lauchpad to many successful dancers. "Unlike other talent hunt shows, where the winners fade away into oblivion, our show has given many choreographers to showbiz," says Javed with great pride. “There is a lot of excitement in store for viewers”, promises Javed. In addition to the special competitions, there is prize money galore for the winners.

What are you waiting for? Tune into Sony at 8 pm every Friday and Saturday to watch your 3 favourite hosts/judges and lots of masti and hungama.

Writer: Natasha I.
Contact Writer: Natasha_I

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hi.. please any one can post me the 5th oct video.. plz.. i missed it..

16 years ago

Promos Look very nicee :P

thnakoo :D

17 years ago

natshu!!!awesome article!!!!!!=D
oh yesh..saw the promos..quitee gud!!=D

17 years ago

wow....cant wait!!!great article Natasha di

17 years ago

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