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Bobby Deol reveals what happened to the shoot of Housefull 4 when Sajid Khan got accused in #MeToo

In a heart interaction with the media, Bobby revealed the deets of the things which happened when one of the movie's directors got accused in #MeToo


With Housefull 4's release just a few days away, actor Bobby Deol opened up about how the #MeToo movement struck the movie. One of it's directors Sajid Khan was accused in the movement and owing to the allegation he had to take a step back from the movie. While we all thought that the shoots must have been disrupted and a wave of stress will take over the film, Bobby reveals that no such thing happened. 

In an interview with Bombay Times, Bobby revealed,"Only one-day shooting got delayed and the decision was made by the studios and Sajid Nadiadwala."

In the wake of MeToo, Deol said,"I don't know anyone's personal life. Things come out and if they are proved and people, who are wrong should be dealt in the right way. And this works for both men and women because in the world we live, there a lot of stories about women troubling men which do not come out and vice-versa. But this stand taken by the public is really helping a lot of people, who are going through tough times. So whoever is genuine should be helped and taken care of. And this is put into everybody's contract. So people are becoming more careful and work environment is becoming safer and happier."

Empowering the victims is the dire need and social media played a good role in all this. He said, "All I can say about #MeToo is that a lot of things in our country, and not just our profession, might have been going on for years but no one had the voice, no one heard that voice. Now because of social media and so many ways of voicing your opinion or what you are going through has helped a lot of people. It is something people should use in the right way. That is how it should be."

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