Bobby Deol reveals his fitness secrets for 'Animal'

Bobby Deol recently opened up on his physical transformation for 'Animal'.

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Bobby Deol

Bobby Deol's formidable portrayal of the antagonist in the recently released film "Animal" has left audiences in awe. Particularly, the shirtless face-off scene with lead actor Ranbir Kapoor has garnered immense praise. In a recent interview, Bobby shared insights into the intense workout routine and disciplined lifestyle that sculpted his chiselled physique for the role. Notably, the actor revealed his commitment to a carb-free diet for two months leading up to the film's shooting.

Speaking with Bollywood Hungama, Bobby Deol emphasized the commitment to his fitness journey, stating, "I started working out, like really working out seriously when I was offered Race 3. From then on, it has been six years, and I have been on it."

Addressing the significant sacrifice of giving up certain foods, Bobby expressed his love for food and the challenge of maintaining discipline. He explained that two months before shooting "Animal," he completely eliminated carbohydrates from his diet. 

His nutritional intake during this period primarily comprised protein and vegetables. The actor engaged in a rigorous fitness routine, incorporating both morning and evening cardio sessions along with regular workouts.

Discussing his dietary preferences, Bobby mentioned his inclination toward simple food and his fondness for home-made butter. "I love ghar ka makhan. I don’t get up and think about aloo parathas and lassi. I grew up on a vegetarian diet because in my house only vegetarian food was made," he added.

For the unversed, "Animal," which also features Anil Kapoor and Triptii Dimri in pivotal roles, continues to captivate audiences in theatres after its release on December 1, 2023. 

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