Ameesha Patel opens up on the reported sequel of 'Humraaz' and the buzz surrounding the re-cast

In a recent interview Ameesha Patel expressed a blend of surprise and curiosity regarding the buzz surrounding 'Humraaz 2'.

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Humraaz 2

Movie sequels often ignite a sense of nostalgia and anticipation among audiences. Recently, rumors swirled about the possibility of a sequel to the 2002 thriller 'Humraaz', helmed by the acclaimed duo Abbas-Mustan. Amidst the speculation, Ameesha Patel, one of the pivotal figures from the original cast, has shared her thoughts on the potential sequel.

In an exclusive interview with News 18, Ameesha Patel expressed a blend of surprise and curiosity regarding the buzz surrounding 'Humraaz 2'. The actress admitted to being caught off guard by the sudden surge of reports surrounding the sequel, shedding light on her limited knowledge about the project's current status.

While acknowledging her awareness of the producers and directors working on conceptualizing the sequel, Patel remained uncertain about the finalized script. "I guess it's best to leave it to the producer, Mr. Ratan Jain, who will speak about it whenever he feels that it's the correct time and the makers feel that they are ready," she remarked, hinting at the need for patience amidst the speculation.

Despite the uncertainty looming over her involvement in the sequel, Patel's remarks exude a sense of optimism and openness to the possibility of revisiting the world of 'Humraaz'. As discussions around the sequel proliferate, fueled by Abbas-Mustan's creative endeavors, fans eagerly await further developments regarding casting and storyline.

Reports suggest that Abbas-Mustan, along with their creative team, have sifted through numerous ideas over the past two years in search of a narrative worthy of 'Humraaz's' legacy. It wasn't until recently that the duo stumbled upon a concept deemed both grander and more compelling than its predecessor, signaling a promising trajectory for the sequel's development.

As speculation continues to mount, the journey towards 'Humraaz 2' remains shrouded in mystery, with fans and industry insiders alike eagerly anticipating updates from the filmmakers. 

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Leave the songs untouched please! I don’t want a remake of them

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