Blissful ending in Main Teri Parchhain...

NDTV Imagine's Main Teri Parchhain Hoon will end with the kids accepting Aanchal as their mother.

The Rajshri Production show Main Teri Parchhain Hoon on NDTV Imagine will see its end this Thursday.

Talking about the manner in which the story ends, Megha Gupta who plays Aanchal says, "The main aim of the show is to unite three children and Aanchal. That will be seen in the last episode".

So is it that the children accept Aanchal? "Yes, the youngest always loves Aanchal, but the other two were not happy with her. Somehow they realize that she loves them like their mother, and they unite to form a happy family".

The show will end with a party sequence. "Aanchal saves the house with the money she had earned thro' fashion designing. The whole family is happy, and there is another reason to rejoice as a new member comes into the family," she adds.

"Aanchal delivers a baby and then everybody lives happily ever after," quips the actress.

When asked of what's next, "Lets see what will come my way. For now I am relaxing", she concludes.

As of now, viewers can feel happy with the way Aanchal's life shaped up!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Megha Gupta

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will really miss the show and more over.. miss megha !!! shes too good !!!

15 years ago

It is good to see that the show has a happy ending. Its heartrendering emotions will stay with me for whole my life. Only Rajshree can bring such an emotional show for the viewers. I will definitely miss the show and nothing will replace this show.

15 years ago

I''m gonna miss this show like crazy haha but i''m glad it''s going out with dignity rather than dragging and dragging until it looses all its viewers

15 years ago

Wow nice more baby for sid-aanchal..that''s great...but am gonna miss this show very was a lovely show with the best love story of a husband-wife....Wish the cast and crew of MTPh all the best for their future projects...hope to see megha-sameer again together...

15 years ago

ma mum luvs da show lol she''l b sad its gona

15 years ago

im happy and sad! sad cos im so into this drama n its so cute! happy because it didnt drag long! and their finishing the drama on a very happy note!

15 years ago

i''m gonna miss this show like anything its become so close to my heart, its told a lovely story nd da chemistry between anchal and sidharth aka sameer and megha was awesome thank u rajshri for giving us such a lovely story like neva seen before pls do another serial with Megha nd Sameer as your lead

15 years ago

Awww..I will miss this show the most..But i will cherish it in my heart all my life..This show gave me one of my heart throbs Sameer Dharmadhikari & a very awesome couple ..with unbeleivable Sameer & Megha..!!Love you Rajshri''s ..Forever..

15 years ago

at least its getting an proper ending thats a good thing if its ending

15 years ago

GOOD N BETTER! shws to go off air soon and at proper timings is better than dragging it wout any reasons .....n later going offtrack!

15 years ago

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