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Bigg Boss - First Week Review...

A review of the opening week that's gone by in the Bigg Boss house...

Published: Tuesday,Oct 13, 2009 11:16 AM GMT-06:00
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The season three of Bigg Boss started with a bang, alright, with Amitabh Bachchan welcoming each of the 13 guests with his characteristic panache and with each of them either falling at his feet or recalling their favorite Bachchan anecdote, it was an enjoyable episode.

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It's been a week now and the housemates have begun showing their true colours (read Raju Shrivastav's unabashed mimicking of Jaya Sawant who was eliminated after the very first week or the women bitching about Sherlyn Chopra or Kamaal Khan proving to be an embarrassment for the German model Claudia).

Do we like the show? Yes, because this time it's quite a bunch of housemates – on one hand prim and propah ladies (Poonam Dhillon, Aditi Gowitirikar, Shamita Shetty and Tanaaz Currim) and on the other the very loud and should we say uncouth Vindoo and Kamaal, not to forget the effeminate designer Rohit Verma who when not preening before the camera with an agarbatti in his hand, is teaching Claudia and Sherlyn dance moves, and Ismail Darbar who could prove to be dangerous in the following weeks. He's sly, he's keeping his moves close to his chest and he has quite a roving eye (remember the very first day when he was ogling at Poonam).

The thing we don't like about Bigg Boss is that the channel didn't manage to get any decent men on the show for their women viewers. None of them are eye candy, if at all they are fit to give you an ugly bout of sore eyes.

We, of course, like Bachchan who lends a certain dignity to the proceedings as he gently talks to each of them, often pulling their legs (we particularly enjoyed the way he mimicked Tanaaz and her way of saying 'Disappear', simply meaning 'Get lost' to the pesky Kamaal) and at the same time sharing with them some bitter-sweet truths of

We don't like the idea of viewers calling in with a question for any of the housemates…come on, it's a fun show, let's not make it an interactive studio discussion. Some things are better left unexplained. As it is, B is trying to "decode" the participants' behavior, it's better some is at least left out for the viewer to just get entertained by…We mean how the hell do we care why Kamaal went on a hunger fast just to hear Claudia say 'I love you'! Leave it…

Last but not the least, a word or two on each of the housemates…

Poonam Dhillon: Matron-like, she seems to be going through menopause

Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar Irani: We want to beat them up for living their little baby outside to be part of this circus. While Tanaaz is going to prove to be a tikhi mirchi, it's fun to see her behave like Bakhtiyar's mum, worse, the latter even listens to her with a hangdog expression.

Ismail Darbar:
He just might win it…

Vindoo: This over-sized son of Dara Singh might just prove to be an embarrassment for his father.

Kamaal Khan: Ugh

Claudia: She is blonde but she is smart

Sherlyn Chopra: Ugh, ugh

Shamita Shetty: She went in saying she won't cry and the next day itself she was seen sniffing into her hankie. Sweetie, try harder.

Aditi Gowitrikar: Unassuming

Rohit Verma: Don't know what to make of him, given his myriad, exaggerated expressions

Raju Shrivastava: Joker of the pack, alright but could prove to be a chhupa rustom

Verdict: Just when we think the composition of Bigg Boss won't get any worse, the channel throws at us an unlikely bunch and this time there could be more fireworks than expected. After all they won't let down their predecessors (read Rakhi Sawant, Sambhavana Seth, Rahul Mahajan, Ravi Kissen and Raja Chaudhary).

Reporter and Author: Kshama Rao

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RagMasta 13 years ago u should do one more review...but this time a lil less biased!
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ta33 13 years ago The article is a bit biased. I disagree about the explnation given on Tanaaz, Bakhtiyar and Poonam
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hindu4lyf 13 years ago Hmm isn't the article a lil biased.
Whats up with "..they are fit to give you an ugly bout of sore eyes." A lil rude/harsh, no?Funny how on forums no-one's allowed to bash any stars but here the reporters themselves bash actors/actresses freely.
My words to you: Ugh ugh. ;)2009-10-13 17:15:18
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aish_punk 13 years ago the show is good!

KRK is just being KRK! dusnt irritate me..bcuz m used to him now..

claudia is pretty nice though..he shudnt embarass her dis way..
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spln 13 years ago well written! im not even following the season, but the one liners for the inmates sound hilarious!

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pooja_l 13 years ago i just hate KRK...cant stand him at all...
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desicrowd 13 years ago Even the slimy character like KRK seems innocent in front of the canniving toad called Vindoo....
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josh135 13 years ago vindu guy does so much mouth blabbering he goes non stop...not even one episide he leaves where hes just shutted up...haha
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Bini311 13 years ago I thought the comments made by the reporter are very offending to a human being, even if they are a part of Big Boss....IF reporters please realize this is not your personal blog but a site where people look up for information.
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yipee 13 years ago great review done by kshama...i was not too interested in this season but seems slowly its getting fav is raju srivastava only because of the humour...i also find claudia decent ...none of the others have impressed much
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