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Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Vig's best friend Kkhushi says, "I want him to play with..''

Gautam Vig's best friend KKhushi Jaain got in an exclusive conversation with India Forums and had some shocking reactions to everything that has been conspiring in the Bigg Boss 16 house in regards to Gautam and his proximity with fellow contestant Soundarya Sharma.

Published: Thursday,Oct 27, 2022 15:18 PM GMT-06:00
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Gautam Vig and Kkhushi Jaain

KKhushi Jaain, who shares a decade old friendship with Bigg Boss 16's contestant Gautam Vig got in an exclusive conversation with India Forums and spoke briefly about his stint in the show, his proximity with Soundarya Sharma, friendship with Shalin Bhanot and a lot more. 

Kkhushi tell us about your friendship with Gautam and how is he as a friend and as a person?

I have known Gautam for the past 10 years now. We know each other since the time we first came to Mumbai. Gautam is like a family to me here in Mumbai. As a friend, Gautam is a very supportive person and he has always been there for me. Our friendship is more like that of Tom and Jerry.

Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Gautam revealed to us that he did a promo shoot with Salman Khan in 2009 and now he has entered the show as a contestant. How do you see this journey and what was your reaction when you came to know that he is going to be a part of Bigg Boss this year?

I was very very happy when I came to know that he is going to be a part of this season of Bigg Boss. I have been a very big fan of the show since season 1. So when he told me that he is going to be a part of the show, I was elated. I sat with him for days and showed him so many episodes of the show for days on end. 

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Gautam and Shalin came across as very good friends in the initial two weeks. However, now there have been rifts between the two because of whatever happened with Soundarya. What are your views on this?

I don't think there have been problems between Shalin and Gautam because of Soundarya. When the two of them had an arguement because of Soundarya, they spoke it out and were good. However, I do believe that Gautam can now see through the facade that Shalin has put up for quite some time now. He can now see how dumb and fake Shalin is playing which is why he is now distancing himself. This is Bigg Boss's game, friendships will change every day.

What are your views on Gautam and Soundarya's proximity. Their bond was also questioned by Karan Johar, What is your take on this?

I do not think their bond is for the game. Had it been for the game, Gautam would not have reacted the way he reacted when Shalin kissed Soundarya. I know Gautam very well, normally too he takes a lot of time to be with someone. I think it is very normal. He is an old school guy and if he likes someone, being protective and possesive comes naturally to him.

As friends all of us have opinions on thr choice of partners our friends have. What do you think of Soundarya as a partner for Gautam?

I think he should focus on his game now. If he wants to go ahead with Soundarya, he should do that when he comes outside the Bigg Boss house after knowing everything better. As a friend, I do not like Soundarya for Gautam. Because I have been seeing how Soundarya is going behind his back and has been talking about him. I don't think she has the same kind of feelings for Gautam as he has for her. There is no realness from her side. Because I know Gautam, I know he actually likes her, but I dont think Soundarya is genuine.

Gautam was advised by Archana too to focus on his game and not focus on Soundarya. Do you think Gautam has lost his plot after being associated with Soundarya?

Yes, I definitely agree with Archana. I really want him to understand that he should focus on the game right now and not on making relationships. 

Both Manya and Soundarya have expressed their liking for Gautam. As a friend, who amongst the two of them do you think will be the perfect match for Gautam?

None of them. (Chuckles) Not at all. Because they are not Gautam's type. I have seen all the girls in Gautam's life and both of them are definitely not Gautam's choice.

Tina and Shalin are both very closely associated with Gautam. What do you think of their bond?

I think Tina does have a soft corner for Shalin. But, Shalin is always acting. He does not stop acting at all. He is so dumb, he does not understand that the audience can see through everything. We are all understanding his game and he is acting dumb. It is totally fake, I genuinely believe that he is playing a game and he is playing it so fake.

As a friend when you saw Shalin and Gautam's bond growing, what were your thoughts?

There were so many instances when I felt that Gautam should not be associated with Shalin. But now I am very happy that he has understood and he has distanced himself now. I am sure Gautam will up his game now.

Who's friendship would you like to see with Gautam in the coming days of Bigg Boss?

I want him to play his game with Priyanka. Because I love Priyanka's game. The way Priyanka has been playing is amazing.

Well, what are your views on these statements by Kkhushi Jaain? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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