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Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan's fiance Saajz says 'Vishal and Shamita have said bad things about Afsana too'

Afsana Khan's fiancé Saajz (Sajan Sharma) spoke to India Forums about how she is sensitive, her game in the show, and more.

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Afsana Khan

Bigg Boss 15 contestant Afsana Khan has constantly been in the news for various reasons, one of which has been her behaviour inside the house. However, she has been working on it and while many have different things to tell about her, fiancé Saajz (Sajan Sharma) spoke to India Forums about how she is sensitive, her game in the show, and more.

Read the quick conversation here.

What do you feel about Afsana's game? Who else do you like apart from her?

Afsana is playing well, she is also giving content to the show. Apart from that, I am loving Karan Kundrra's game so far.

Have you seen a change in her behaviour inside the house?

There have been changes in her behaviour after she went home, outside, she wasn't like this. She is sensitive and she is alone inside. Though she does understand what people have to say, I have told her t listen to everyone, but do what she wants and make her own strategies and use her own mind. She should not do what someone else tells her because no one is no one's inside, everyone is playing their game.

Shamita and Vishal are not very fond of her for whatsoever reasons. Why do you think that is?

If we talk about Shamita, they have only been showing about Afsana, but even Vishal and Shamita have said bad things, but they are not showing that. One thing that Afsana does not like is lying, and people who are fake, and when that happens, she cannot listen, so in such cases she takes a stand and she sticks to her point.

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Karan is always seen supporting Afsana, even when others tell him he shouldn't promote her behaviour. Do you think he is encouraging her behaviour instead?

So we know Karan from before and hence, he does support her. He tries to explain things to her normally, it is not like he is wrongfully supporting her to do what she is doing, he tells her to not get aggressive and asks her to think and understand before she plays. One can only try to explain things to those people who are kind, one won't go say anything to bad people. Afsana's image in Punjab, North, it is that of a hardworking girl, she is sensitive, and these are the things that are there.

If you could send out a message to Afsana, what would it be?

She should calm down and play after thinking well with a good strategy. The game has been getting complicated and hence, she will have to think before her game, rest, she has been very real and she is playing well.

Afsana Khan Bigg Boss 15 

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