Big Magic to celebrate Children's Day with their cast!

Big Magic will soon come up with a special sequence for Children's Day!

Big Magic will soon come up with a special sequence on the occasion of Children's day.

Actors of four popular shows of the channel Mahisagar, Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai, Naadaaniyaan - Teen Nadaanon Ki Kahaani and Raavi will come together for this special Children's Day episode.

As per our source, "There will be a competition in the school organized by Mahi (Dharti Bhat) and all the other actors will come dressed as school kids. It will be a fun filling sequence where all the actors such as Sumit Vats, Upasana Singh, Himani Shivpuri and more will be seen dressed like school kids. There will be a classroom where all the actors will be dressed in a school dress where they will show their talent and will be judged by the judges."

Well it sounds really interesting and it will will be a treat for the audience to see their favorite actors going back to school.

To know more keep reading the space.

Neha Jain

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Himani Shivpuri Thumbnail

Himani Shivpuri

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Upasana Singh

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Sumit Vats

Raavi poster


Mahisagar poster


Naadaaniyaan - Teen Nadaanon Ki Kahaani poster

Naadaaniyaan - Teen Nadaanon Ki Kahaani

Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai poster

Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai

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Big Magic

Comments (19)

Sumit Vats. very much disappointed. very less scope was given to u. whated this oly for u.

9 years ago


9 years ago

Sumit vats keep rocking. Hope u are successful in all your ventures...god bless

9 years ago

thank you If for giving news of sumit vats to us .

9 years ago

Sumit u were looking so cute in the uniform
Keep rocking n stay blessed!!

9 years ago

few hours to go for maha epi..sumit in uniform yupppiiieee

9 years ago

happy fir Sumit Vats for getting Importance in special and mahasagm episodes.

9 years ago will b fun to watch u as a naughty school kid...keep going n get success in everything...god bless u

9 years ago

wow...its sounds...interesting...

eagerly waiting for SUMIT VATS...My RoCk StAr...

9 years ago

Will nice to watch sumit as childhood masti...

9 years ago

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