Bharti's cunning act in Jamunia troubles onlookers..

Ramlali aka Bharti who plays the cruel Mami in Imagine's Jamunia is forced to convince the localities that she isn’t that cunning and harsh as they see her on the show.

who portrays the role of Ramlali, the wicked Mami of the protagonist Jamunia (Bhavna Khatri) in Imagine and Beyond Dreams' Jamunia, recently had a tough time convincing the onlookers who came to their sets in Chattisgarh.

The localites in Chattisgarh who came to watch the proceedings on the sets of the show were really upset seeing the level of cruelty that the character of Bharti imposed on the protagonist. They also wanted to find out whether the lady was so bad in real life too. This really upset Bharti who took time out, and tried her best to convince the spectators that this was just a role that she was portraying, and she was nowhere close to the character in real life!!

We spoke to actress Bharti who tells us, "This was really an unexpected situation, and I found it tough to digest. At the same time, I was glad that this meant that the viewers had accepted me in the role. I get the opportunity to enact various shades thro' this one character".

She elaborates, "The localites usually come to the sets and observe me from far. They mock at me and curse me for the cruelty that my character portrays. But it comes as a shock to them when they see me calm and composed when I am not shooting (smiles). In fact they were amused when they saw that I share a great off screen rapport with Bhavna who plays Jamunia".

Ask her about her temperament in real life and she is quick to say, "I'm completely opposite in nature when compared to the character I play. I'm very young and single, simple and have a very cool attitude towards life".

With Jamunia, Bharti who is basically a theatre person has come a long way, and her family is quite excited to see her performing this role on television!!

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy

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Comments (4)

poor lady...but it's actually a pat on the back for her.

13 years ago

It's a compliment 4 her as actor

13 years ago

aww...that's really good that her acting is soo convincing, but it must have been annoying convincing those people that she was just acting! lol

13 years ago

This obviously indicates, She's done a fav job!

13 years ago

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