Bhanu Pratap, the real fighter!

Bhanu Pratap has finally made it to the Galas of Indian Idol, and has now set his eyes on the coveted title of Indian Idol...

Bhanu Pratap, as his name aptly indicates has been the ‘Suraj ki Roshni’ when it comes to sheer talent. Making it to the gala is a big achievement for the young lad, as this was his fourth attempt at Indian Idol. “Every year I would reach the top 50 directly, but would then crash out.  I have suffered a lot and have always had to fight against my fate”, quips the fighter in Bhanu.

He goes on. “I had to leave home seven years back as I wanted to make music my career and because my family had other plans. But I never lost hope and always redoubled my efforts aiming to bounce back”, says he.

Having reached so far, he is quite hopeful that he will make it all the way this time around.  “I not only sing well but have a great personality too”, he says. On the competition, Bhanu says “All 14 are good, but Prasenjit and Shini have the edge at least in voting”.

However, he expects all of Rajasthan to support him. “I have become the symbol of pride for my desert state. But I want not only my home state, but all Indians to vote for me”, states Bhanu.

Among the judges, he believes that Javed Saab is the best, not because he is the senior man out there, but because he has a mature personality and each and every word of his makes lot of sense”, avers Bhanu as he signs off.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani
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Nadz_YuNalover 2008-11-19T03:40:40Z gud luck! but i dont like the rona dhona i mean mohit also came the third time but he doesnt boast about it like bhanu does!
yipee 2008-11-18T21:33:10Z all the best to him..he is gud but there r others better than him
I luv Shamit
I luv Shamit 2008-11-18T17:53:15Z All the best Bhanu :)
thanks for sharing!
IamKashish 2008-11-18T15:27:21Z All the very best to bhanu. I liked your sincerity & dedication towards singing and apart of this. you are an amazing singer. God Bless You.
b_queen 2008-11-18T08:06:01Z i will b very happy if him or rajdeep wins
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