Bhagyalakshmi: Karishma raises her hand on Lakshmi, Rishi intervenes

In the upcoming episode of Zee TV’s show Bhagyalakshmi, Karishma will be seen raising her hand on Lakshmi.

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The episode of Bhagya Lakshmi tonight unfolded with Lakshmi playfully nicknaming Rishi as Minto, triggering a memory. Ayush offers Malishka a favor, insisting she leaves. Karishma intervenes, expressing gratitude for Malishka's revelation about the fast. Malishka, feeling rejected, departs, pondering her next move.

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Lakshmi, seeking comfort, insists on Rishi joining her on the bed, sharing her fears. Meanwhile, family members discuss Lakshmi's well-being, expressing hope for her recovery. On the terrace, Rishi prays for Lakshmi's happiness, and Virender consoles him, emphasizing their support.

Malishka, angered, vows to thwart Lakshmi's recovery. Lakshmi, in a playful moment, mistakenly adorns herself with crackers. Malishka witnesses this and hatches a plan against Lakshmi.


Rishi endeavors to integrate Lakshmi into the family, while a tense confrontation unfolds between Lakshmi and Karishma, possibly with Malishka intervening in a surprising twist.

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