Ankita Lokhande raises eyebrows as she suggests divorce to husband Vicky Jain on Bigg Boss 17

Ankita Lokhande was seen suggesting divorce to her husband Vicky Jain after his statement to Ayesha Khan.

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Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande

The buzz around Colors TV's reality show, Bigg Boss 17, has been incessant since its inception, captivating audiences with intriguing dynamics and controversies. From Munawar Faruqui's strategic moves to Ankita Lokhande's turbulent relationship with husband Vicky Jain, the show continues to be a viewer favorite.

In a recent promo released by the channel, Ankita Lokhande is shown suggesting to her husband, Vicky Jain, that they should consider getting a divorce. The dramatic turn of events unfolds as Ayesha Khan questions Vicky about his married life. Vicky expresses that men, in general, find it challenging to communicate their true feelings in a marriage. This statement appears to irk Ankita, leading to a heated confrontation. She candidly tells Vicky that if he is enduring suffering in their relationship, they should opt for a divorce, emphatically stating that she won't return home with him.

Ankita later confides in Ayesha about her relationship with Vicky, sharing that while Vicky loves her, she sometimes feels dominated by him. She reveals her struggle in not receiving what she desires from their relationship.

The intense conversation between Vicky and Ankita has sparked curiosity among viewers. What are your thoughts on this unfolding drama? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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Comments (2)

Is this real or it’s just for BB… whole show is scripted so u can’t really say what is truth & lies

3 months ago

Damn really? Big boss ke baad couples ka survive karna mushkil hota hai. Lets see if they really divorce

3 months ago

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