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BHA State level Yatra

Bal Hak Abhiyan's State-level Yatra on the Common School System comes to a close.

Bal Hak Abhiyan, a part of the NAFRE Jan Andolan (NAFRE People’s Movement) which encompassed Maharashtra’s 16 districts with a demand to implement the common School System and ensure that people get their basic rights to lands and livelihoods. The Yatra came to a close with a large public rally at which about 3000 people were present, on March 8th at Solapur.

Demands to be placed before the Mantralaya (Mumbai State Assembly)

• Free and Equal education for all - CSS System
• Employment Schemes should be actioned for all, to eradicate any form of existing unemployment
• The atrocities on Dalit children and women should be stopped immediately,across
• The Minimum Wages Act should be actioned. There should be sufficient drinking water in all communities for the slum dwellers
• The Health Centres with Health Immunization Schemes should be set up in all the communities of all regions, which would be run by the ICDS dept
• To avoid eviction of the slum dwellers and for their accomodation, housing facilities should be provided to them
• Every family under the poverty line,, should be issued ration cards
• Land should be made legalized so that people living for ages near railway tracks and stations, cant be evicted suddenly,without,notice
• Health Centres should be made available to thousands of people,across the cities
• Every worker apart from the payment given to them of 100/- each day,should also be given employment opportunity in order to sustain their living,for 360 days in a year
• People,even being educated are unemployed(due to no work opportunities or a payment like Rs30/- every day) in the smaller regions of the state.These families should be given a stipend of 3000/- as compensation to run their family
• Permanent Employment opportunities should be provided along with future pension schemes, bima, to the poor families.
• The poor children who work at a young age, should be provided with education and their families also should be provided with sufficient means to live, so that they can fund their children

Speaking about the Yatra, Mr. from said, “This Yatra is a movement to make the government deliver it’s promise on making sure every child has the right to go to a good quality school, free of cost.”



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