Beyond friends 'n' foes - SRK and Salman

What they share in common is more than Bollywood's star last name, 'Khan'. Having begun their career as actors of the same ...

What they share in common is more than Bollywood's star last name, 'Khan'. Having be
gun their career as actors of the same generation, Shah Rukh and Salman have seen the peaks and dips of tinsel town in parallel growing graphs. And perhaps thats the time Salman Khan referred to in his current TV interviews, when he claimed SRK had then been a different man. He claimed when they had started with the 4-5 lakh bracket pay packages, the two Khans had shared a friendly bond. Closer to success he believes they have lost it.

When Aishwarya walked out of the door, SRK 's bonding with this old buddy had found a rekindled spark. The KBC season three finale with King Khan hosting the show had seen the two Khans and Katrina Kaif come across as closely bonded friends. It had even been in the air that these two, longest reigning of the Khans in the industry had in plans a big project which would be revealed only once it found firm ground. However, recent times, especially the past couple of years have soured the friendship.

Occasionally as public remarks and more often as insinuated intentions it has been obvious that all is not well between King Khan and Bollywood's Macho man. And if dead certain proof was what the fans of these two actors had been dreading, it has come along in Salman's candid statements on the recently telecasted interview. Wherein, among the several things he said, Salman declared SRK was an insecure actor. Said he, "What Shah Rukh does or says is not of the least interest to me but he is one of the most insecure actors. If he could get rid of that he could actually be a nice fellow." Alas! That buries at least for the while any chances of a truce call between the two stars at such heights of their careers. Brings to ones mind the adage of success, "Its lonely at the top..."

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