'Being truthful is very difficult' - Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal is making his comeback on Tellyland, as a host on a very unique game show- Sach Ka Saamna on Star Plus, which starts tonight, on July 15th...

Rajeev Khandelwal who got enormously popular as Sujal in Kahin Toh Hoga is back on television after a long time, and got lured into hosting Star Plus' Sach Ka Saamna. He tells us why...

What made you agree to host this show?
See if after doing a very different film like Aamir, I'm returning to television to do a show, then obviously something about this show must have touched me. In between my other films I've squeezed in this show because I liked the format of this show. It evoked a passion inside me. No other show has dealt with the 'integrity of an individual' as the central theme. That is what makes it so unique. This is a true show. Literally! My contestants would be answering very personal questions and with no option but to tell the truth. That was what made me like it in an instant. And I'm very happy and proud to be hosting such a show.

Do you think just your presence would earn TRP points for the show?
(laughs) This only time can tell. But I don't think of TRPs before taking up any show.

How hard is it to confess to truth? If you were on the hot seat how much percentage truth would you have told?
Being truthful is, I realize, very very difficult. Be it myself or any other person, I feel the amount of difficulty faced in being a contestant on this show will remain the same. Whenever any of my contestant answers a particularly tough question I often wonder if I would have done such a fine job too. So you see, even I have not yet understood my full capacity to be truthful.

Okay try now then. Were you or not seeing Aamna Sharif?
(Laughs) I was never seeing Aamna Sharif. If I would've I would've told it right then. In fact now that I'm actually seeing someone, I am frank about it isn't it? You already must have read it several times in the paper that Rajeev is seeing someone.

Do you think you were an expert in making contestants confess to truth?

I don't 'make' people tell the truth on my show. I just give them an opportunity to tell the truth for a particular question. Then it depends on them whether to answer the question or not.

With so many reality shows on air would people actually tune in to watch Sach Ka Saamna?
I don't know if people will watch this show. But there is one thing I know- If you can't tell the truth then you have no right to advice others to be truthful. This is true especially in the case of parents. They always coax their children to be truthful. But are they following their own rule? Somehow I have an inkling that people will accept this show and salute those who are gutsy enough to accept the truth on national television.

How did you handle the contestants?
The contestants go through a lot of highs and lows during the course of the show. But I make sure that they are comfy. I give them all the time they need to answer a question. I even repeat the question if I feel they've lost the thread of it. I never pressurize them. I respect the contestant for it is all about his life's issues. So I think I have handled everything with a lot of sensitivity.

Did you find a difference in the comfort level between a common contestant and a celeb contestant?
No, I did not find any difference between a celeb and a non-celeb contestant. Probably because they go through the same tense situations before sitting on the hot seat.  And only those who are sure they can face the challenge after considering the option well for about 20-30 days are featured in the show. So all of my contestants were pretty comfortable and on the same level.

Did you not have any reservations like I would not take up any project until my film- Peter Gaya Kaam Se is released?
Yes actually I had. But the show was so appealing that I spoke to my producer whether I can sign up for it and he being a fan of "Moment Of Truth" which is the English version of this, happily agreed. And today I'm hosting this show!

Which other projects are you currently involved in?

Apart from Peter Gaya Kaam Se, the shooting of which is due to start in October, I also have Chenab Gandhi in the pipeline.

Message to your fans-

Confessing the truth is not all that bad an experience. Truth may be bitter but once the truth is out there is only sweetness. All the contestants of this show are heroes for me. Whether they stand heroes for you, you will only know when you tune in to watch the show.

Catch Sach Ka Saamna all through weekdays beginning 15th July at 10:30 p.m. on Star Plus.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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really liked him as sujal n sujal kashish jodi


14 years ago

And yes it is very hard too tell the truth because it is very scary on the inside....

14 years ago

Will rajeev participate as a contestant in this show if gn chance?

14 years ago

yes he is really rocking ..... he has his own uniqueness apart from AB & SRK!

14 years ago

loved him on the show yest....u rock dude...

14 years ago

I'm really happy to c him bak on TV. He was really gud wid the ques. N I cud c his efforts to make the contestants comfy, whcih was very nice.

Thnx 4 this interview. Luv u Raj!!!!!

14 years ago

it is good to see u again rajeev..............and questions are really good.............

14 years ago

i like her, honest answers..........
but i still don't belive him he's seeing someone else not amana because when his movie amir released amana is first to see her movie with her.

14 years ago

Doesn't he look like Shahid Kapoor ??

Lerve yu, Raj..MWAH !

14 years ago

thanks..hope it does wonders for people as well as rajeev

14 years ago

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