Bechari out now: Karan and Divya add substance to a fine story with finer music courtesy Afsana

Karan Kundrra and Divya Agarwal's music video, Bechari, is out now and we definitely think it is one of the finest music videos so far.

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Karan and Divya

At about 5 minutes long, Karan Kundrra and Divya Agarwal have come together on screens for the very first time for a music video, titled Bechari. While the premise of the video is definitely not a regular love story, or even a heartbreak story, both Divya and Karan add substance to it with their acting skills, and we must say, we are impressed.

Karan has slipped into the 'Punjabi' vibe just fine and it sure is something he should do more often, but Divya too, without any dialogue, has emoted really well, and deserves all the praise. The video is also visually appealing and is in line with the story we see, and that adds to the entire look and feel. Afsana's voice makes for a perfect fit along with lyrics that speak to you.

Featuring Karan Kundrra and Divya Agarwal, Bechari is sung by Afsana han with Nirmaan as the lyricist and composer and music by goldboypro.

Have a look at the music video:

While music videos are a trend, what does have our attention is everything that sets this one apart - by giving you a little of everything, and yet, being completely fresh.

Meanwhile, Karan is keeping busy with his reality show stint as jailor for Lock Upp as well as the host of Dance Deewane Juniors. In addition, fans are waiting to heart more about his movie too. Divya, on the other hand, is basking in the success of her role in Abhay 3, and fans are waiting to hear more of what's in store for the actress.

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