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Bakra Special on Telly Buzz...

We love to Fool People whom we adore and Love and take full advantage of the day, April 1st! When you have "License to FOOL", why worry? Check out the prank we played on some of Our Favorite Sizzling Stars of small screen!

Published: Tuesday,Apr 01, 2008 10:36 AM GMT-06:00
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Bakra Special on Telly Buzz...

We played a Cute Little Prank on some of our Most Adorable Female Protagonists of small Screen, and we trapped them with our Googly delivered in the form of a Question and unfortunately they all fell for it! As even the Gods love jokes!

Kudos to them as they have taken our prank sportingly and got themselves the title of "Bakra" on Tellybuzz!! As it is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves that you have a sense of humor!

We came up with a make-believe question for the bahus of Indian Television :

It has been learnt that the Government of Maharashtra has declared 1st of January as Saas-Bahu day in honour of daily soaps. What are your comments on it and how would you celebrate the day?

Here are the Prompt Replies of our Favourite Bahus......
Dimple Jhangiani:

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Bakra Special on Telly Buzz...
This is simply great, thanks to Ekta and her saas-bahu sagas, we have now got a day in honor of the daily soaps. I would say this day is an extension to Women's Day..

Mode of Celebration: I guess we need to celebrate this day in a grand manner with a party thrown. It will be a day when all the saas and bahus of small screen will unite and rejoice.

This was Dimple’s reaction when she learnt it was all a prank: WOW!! I always play prank on others on this day, and I have never fallen prey to such pranks……….
Sreejita Dey:
Bakra Special on Telly Buzz...
It is a great feat that the Government of Maharashtra has declared Jan 1st for Saas-Bahus of TV. My serial is not the usual saas-bahu one, but I feel happy for other serials like Kyunki.

Mode of Celebration: If I am called to attend the party, then I will surely be a part of it (smiles)

Sreejita’s reaction: Well, I always aim to fool others on this day, but I am so foolish that I get on the receiving end always..
Panchi Bora:

Bakra Special on Telly Buzz...
This is really news to me. TV industry has today gained so much of popularity that the Government now has thought of honoring our saas and bahus(laughs). Unfortunately for me, I miss having a saas in my serial.

Mode of Celebration: I would love to be part of the celebration that will help bond the saas and bahus together.

Panchi was mortified when she heard it was a prank: Noooooooooo!!!This is not done. You can't fool me like this (whines).
Divyanka Tripathi:
Bakra Special on Telly Buzz...
Awesome!! I guess Mumbai Government is thinking of family peace in daily soaps too. This day should help the saas bahu problems that torment the TV industry, and I think the Government should also take the aid of psychologists to spread awareness of this day.

Mode of Celebration: I had a very good saas in my serial. All the problems that I faced was from my Nanand.. Please tell me when the Government is declaring a day for Bahu- Nanand?

Divyanka was equally stunned to learn it was a joke: Oh No!!!This was a real good prank, I completely believed it, but although I was wondering why the Government chose to celebrate this day (laughs non-stop)…
Bakra Special on Telly Buzz...
Its good that people are celebrating this day. There are many such days which are celebrated, so I think celebrating one day in honour of Saas-Bahu is a very nice thought.

Prachi believed it till we told her the truth. Here's what she said after finding out: We are so engrossed in our work that we tend to believe everything we are told without questioning it, but i think Government should make such day. And it was a very nice idea for a prank.

Gautami Kapoor :

Bakra Special on Telly Buzz...
I don't think there needs to be a special day to celebrate the relation between a saas and her bahu.

Mode of Celebration: Like I said I don't need a special day to celebrate with my mother-in-law in real life or with my bahu in reel life. So we celebrate Saas bahu day the whole year round.

That was sentimental, But Gautami dear, it was just a joke: It was a very beautiful and funny prank. I loved it, in fact I had completely forgotten today was 31st of March. It's fun to play such on people at times (laughs).
Shubhangi Atre:

Bakra Special on Telly Buzz...
It's a revolutionary step for the the television industry. From the time Ekta Ma'am has started her saas bahu shows, the whole perspective of television has changed. So I think it's quite nice to know that the Government also thinks about all the saas-bahus of television.

Mode of Celebration: I think I would spend the entire day working and having fun with my unit members.

And what does Shubhangi have to say when we tell her it's not for real: Actually I had a doubt somewhere at the back of my mind that the whole thing was not true and just cooked up by you guys. But then again I thought, who knows it might be true. People play pranks on me very rarely, but I must say you guys succeeded there (laughs).

Concept: Nishtha
Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Melanie, Ranjini Nair
Author: Nishtha, Melanie
Banner Credit: Shagun
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priya @Priya_SD 15 years ago i liked divyanka and prachi's reply!!!
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sonibasanti @sonibasanti 15 years ago divyanka knws how to answer....
she sounds smart..

its actually a good question... i don't see how its all that big of a prank.. i wouldn't be surprised if they actually had a day like that.
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SunriseGreen @SunriseGreen 15 years ago that was cute how they all fell for it lolz
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Tani @Tani91 15 years ago aww Dimple and Divyanka gave such cute replies...and Prachi too
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Don't worry, be happy. @Ranbirrocks 15 years ago Loved Panchi's comment I don't have a saas...she has enuf problems without a saas already!!!
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Megha @.:Megha:. 15 years ago I can't believe all these people believed it. haha

There should be a bhabhi-nanand day dedicated to Vidya-Sindoora. I remember Divya wanted to be a psychologist if not an actress, and she's taking that into consideration. lol.
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punjabi.princes @punjabi.princes 15 years ago aww Dimple fell for it! i wonder what prank she played on akash (ranbir) lol
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Daebak @Daebak 15 years ago Ommggg.........Divyanka wants psychologists to be in on it......Kya issi din ke liye im working towards my aim of being a pychologists....Ki main logo ko jake saas-bahu crap sikhau.......Kill me!
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Shagun @sweet_shagun 15 years ago I had a gr8 fun reading it, its good to knw tht all these celebs have sportsmanship

Wonderful concept:P


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aashni @animateash 15 years ago hahhahahah dis was way 2 funnnyyyy man saas-bahuuuu day by govt lolzz....... and dis bahus belived lolzzz
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