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Bajrangi Bhaijaan - Movie Review

Cast: Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Harshali Malhotra, Kareena Kapoor; Director: Kabir Khan; Rating: ***1/2(3 and half stars)

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Is India as a nation, in a state of war with Pakistan? Or is merely a few set of people who are in a state of war with their ideologies? These are questions that would remain debatable for time eternity. Kabir Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a completely different take on this extremely sensitive topic. Salman Khan's fans can surely expect something much more than masala entertainment, something that is subtle and thought provoking but yet doesn't seem to be preachy. Yes it is again one of those films which would cross the 100cr mark, but for its sheer content.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan, is a saga about Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi, who is fondly called Bajrangi as he is a fanatic about Lord Hanuman. The story revolves around a mute girl, Munni who is a Pakistani, but is left behind in India accidently. How Pawan meets her and undertakes the perilous task of uniting her with her family in Pakistan forms the crux of the story.

Salman Khan essays the role of Pawan in the film who is a small town guy, with simple ideologies in life. He is innocent, yet determined to keep up to any promise he makes. Salman in this movie takes you back in time to all the innumerous 'Prems' he has played onscreen. The innocence that Salman can get on screen can't be managed by any other actor today. Salman couldn't have started off with a better project as his maiden production. Salman's chemistry with every character in the film is noteworthy. Out of which his chemistry with Harshali works best. The bond that the two share is heartwarming and indeed very emotional, which fills you with a melancholic feeling.

Nawazuddin Siddique plays a Pakistani reporter, Chand Nawab, in the film. If you cast Nawaz in a film, the film has to surprise you eventually. He is simply splendid in the film. The jugal-bandi he shares with Salman in the film is hilarious and takes away the show. Bollywood has surely got one of the most talented actors to call its own, proudly, with Nawazuddin Siddique.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan, marks the debut of a very pretty and talented young girl, Harshali Malhotra. She is undoubtedly one of the cutest, prettiest, most innocent looking child actors the industry has today. One could easily fall short of superlatives for this young rock star. One thing that caught the eye the most; is that, whenever she hugged Salman in the film, her warmth actually spread through the theatre. She is definitely one of the finest actors we have today. Considering the fact that she hasn't got a single dialogue in the film, makes her performance much more wonderful.

Kareena Kapoor plays the role of Rasika in the film. She plays Salman's love interest in the family. She plays her part decently, with nothing worth mentioning, other than her drop dead gorgeous looks.

Editing of the film is crisp and doesn't dwell on unnecessary details. The cinematography of the film is breathtaking, especially the opening credits of the movie, that showcase the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. Kashmir has indeed been shown beautifully through the course of the film. The story of the film stands out to be the hero of the same. With such a strong message to convey, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is indeed been quite successful in the cast. The second half is the strong point of the film as compared to the first half. Songs are not very hummable, other than the selfie lele re one, but are blended quite well with the film.

With the Holy month of Ramzan coming to an end, what better eidi could one expect other than a movie like Bajrangi Bhaijaan! You shouldn't miss be missing out on this one, for sure. This film will leave you thinking, 'are we really in a state of war with Pakistan?!


Anita Menon

Salman Khan Kareena Kapoor Kabir Khan Nawazuddin Siddiqui Bajrangi Bhaijaan 

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jasmeet92 4 years ago It is amazing movie and in the movie Salman Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui's performance is outstanding but the best part of the movie is Harshali Malhotra's acting.
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hollybollytolly 5 years ago Going to watch this movie tommorrow.Iam huge fan of Nawazuddin Sidique.
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Gulaabo 5 years ago waiting to watch, one day more!!
Salman Khan <3
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goolab 5 years ago Happy Eid wait to watch the movie you are the best Salman
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-Claptrap- 5 years ago Really want to see the movie !!!
Salman you're back ..
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Kanwal4salman 5 years ago very happy for salman khan..but i cant watch till weekend .. Damn..
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CatcherInTheRye 5 years ago Nawazzudin is the best actor i have seen in the industry...he is flawless like Iirrfan and Manoj Bajpai...these people deserve much more than what they got till date...
way to go BB..:)
Harshali is really a cute baby...:)

Anita ji...thankiu for was great having it..:)
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.Jane.. 5 years ago "Salman in this movie takes you back in time to all the innumerous 'Prems' he has played onscreen"

^I NEED to watch this film by hook or by crookStern Smile
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Minionite 5 years ago Ooh I love the sound of this! Kaash I could go before next weekend...damn my schedule!
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