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'Badla' offers a well-executed story with powerful performance (3.5/5)

A film which will keep you glued to your seat as it bestows a sensible story...


Naina (Taapsee Pannu)- A successful entrepreneur who is entangled in a storm cooked up by her own actions and seeks the help of a famous lawyer (Amitabh Bachchan) to find a small window of opportunity to help her escape the law and avoid prison.

The film features a well-crafted plot with an extravagant touch of power-packed performances. It certainly takes much more than a simple straightforward plot for a Drama/Mystery film. The film certainly takes more than just twist and turns; in fact, the film totally flips the tables which can be never thought of.

Apart from the apt storyline, the film also features great direction which makes the film much more sensible and worth your while. It also executes thrilling initial credits with captivating visuals and music.

The film also hosts good plot setting along with bewitching locations which are quite appealing to watch. It is a game of minor details and that's where the entertainment is stacked. The director (Sujoy Ghosh) has managed to pull-off a great quite an act of mystery which keeps you gripped until the very end.0

However, when it comes to the film as the purest form of art-work, there are a few glitches which are hard to spot yet they can be overlooked upon. While we agree to disagree that the characters were carefully well-defined, we need to reconsider the fact that it could have been a bit better. No doubt the film has less character and the story revolves around measly 6-7 characters, the minute details should have been added and the characters should have been much more specified.

Adding to it, the film does not present itself with the cleanest of cuts, as the visuals lack detailing which could have been much better. The cinematographer tried to add a few artistic angles to the mystery narrative but failed to feature it with the artistic forms of exhibit.

In conclusion, the film is a good entertainer which is worth every penny you spend. It keeps you engaged in the storyline throughout the film and to the very least it genuinely offers some sensible storyline that every eighth of the ten films lack. Badla is one of the two exceptions which can be ruled out as a good film.

(Ratings- 3.5/5)

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Cjosh 2019-03-08T13:40:37Z nice thriller movie must watch...
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