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Badho Bahu Review: Prince Narula is 'UNEXPECTEDLY' amazing and Rytasha is 'BANG ON'

The casting seems to be perfect for this one.


Show Name: Badho Bahu

Cast: Prince Narula, Rytasha Rathore, Pankaj Dheer, Arsha Goswami 

Production Company: Sunny Side Up films Pvt. Ltd. and Hum Tum Tele-Films Pvt. Ltd.

Time: Monday to Friday, 9:30 pm, &TV

And TV is back with another path breaking concept- that of body shaming. Its really unfair to categorize people and their talents on the basis of their physical appearance and that is what And TV's Badho Bahu is all about. And this is not the first one from the Vikas Gupta camp. We have shows like Gangaa, Santoshi Maa and others backing Badho Bahu. 

Story So Far

Komal also known as Badho because of her size is helpful by nature, has no malice in her heart for anyone and is a give it straight in the face' kinda healthy' girl. The only problem with her is she unintentionally causes destruction everywhere she goes. This makes her the butt of jokes in her village. A good at heart Badho, however, loses her temper when the village panditji insults her by pinpointing her flaws. Wherever Badho goes, she is poked fun at, because of her weight and huge appearance. And to add to her woes is her Bhabhi, who just wants to get rid of Badho by marrying her off. This behaviour of her Bhabhi hurts Badho, but she keeps quite. She also has immense faith in Lord Shiva and feels that he will do her justice in this highly unjust world. The first week showed Badho and her plight of facing insults just' because of her weight in spite of her helpful and fun loving nature.

What we liked

The very different concept of a huge Bahu got us intrigued as it is. And it's too soon to say whether or not the show will follow on the path of its inception or deviate after a point of time. But if they do follow on their decided path, then the show has the potential to become a life changer for the actors as well as people who may find inspiration from it.

Rytasha, being a theatre personality, has an edge when it comes to acting. The Haryanvi accent, her ability to change expressions from a happy one in one second to a heartbroken and insulted woman in another, gets to you.

The cherry on top of Badho Bahu has come in the form of Prince Narula. Prince completely steals the show in terms of acting. We did not know that Prince Narula could act the way he does. Looks like, he has mastered the art of acting as well. He had mentioned in a press conference that he would own the acting space just like he has the reality space. And Prince is hot on the trails of achieving it. 

What we did not like

Yes, we know the show deals with body shaming and how fat people are traded insults. But that does not mean we want the writers to go overboard with rubbing the show's concept in our faces. We got the point already.

Also, the whole setup of the show felt unconvincing and dull to us.

Apart from this, there is not much that we did not like about the show.


The show can be a game changer for the channel if the makers and creative do not turn it into just' another TV show. The essence of Badho Bahu is Badho and how she goes ahead in life winning challenges thrown in front of her. And this is what we wish to see. 
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...Jes... 2016-09-24T16:57:16Z Good start liking the show.

Can we get the forum opened?
memad 2016-09-23T09:31:34Z very nice concept. Prince Narula and Rytasha are show stoppers
Ipkknd-ki-fan1 2016-09-20T16:15:46Z Great show! The actress Rytasha is such an amazing actress! Prince is mind blowing! Keep it up.
Lumos-Maxima 2016-09-18T03:40:05Z Just caught up with the repeat of the show. I liked it. Lead actress is very good and Prince is good too. I hope they maintain the fierce attitude of badho.
rajh 2016-09-17T12:29:47Z good start and believable narration...

and lead girl is not mahaan and gives it back to everyone who tries to insult her or torture it her bhabhi or some one else...
maryadalover 2016-09-17T01:52:29Z I am in love with Badho
The lovely lady is an ace actress.
I just hope they increase the pace of the show.
Congrats &tv brilliant show!
whiterose29 2013-06-14T02:23:17Z You're gonna rock with Chennai Express! Love you so much! Heart
ILuvAshaNegi 2013-06-13T23:50:07Z hah Rukh Khan u r a sweet u so much Shah Rukh Khan
shonasandy 2013-06-13T23:38:52Z Shah Rukh Khan u r a sweet u so much Shah Rukh Khan... waiting for Chennai Express
AsadRipon 2013-06-13T09:41:10Z OSO magic will be back with SRK and Deepika Heart SRK looking so fit and Deeps is a stunner in this role Big smile Can't wait..!!
The title song music is stuck in my head
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