Bachchans glued to Bigg Boss...

The Bachchan brother–sister duo enjoy television as much as you and me. Read to know more about their taste in television shows right here on Telly Buzz.

Shweta Bachchan Nanda is a die-hard Bigg Boss fan and this is the news making rounds!!

She not only tunes into the show every night but also ensures that the Bachchan family is regularly updated with the goings inside the house. Well, why not as Shweta has been an ardent fan of the show ever since its first season. No wonder that her brother dearest, Abhishek chose Bigg Boss to plug his new film Drona as he made an appearance yesterday on Bigg Boss.

Meanwhile it is heard that Abhi will also appear on COLORS yet another show, Balika Vadhu as he personally prefers the show on child marriage and it makes sense too, as his film Drona and the show feature Rajasthan as the backdrop.

Well, wonder what Abhi’s Vadhu likes to watch??

Reporter and Author: Kshama Rao

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Comments (11)

big boss is popular with tv/ bollywood actors

15 years ago

wow..I dont get this channel colours..but will find Abhi's big boss vdo on youtube..

15 years ago

sambhavana acted wierd though.... i mean sh ewas behaving like a child who jumps on to someone and doesnt want to leave him/her. If she was fromoutside showbiz, I would understand..... but I thought she is from the industry ;-) the way she made him ear curry and then and told ehsaan ji to put the same 'itr' on AB that he puts on her sometimes..... she was behaving kiddish.....

15 years ago

We could see Abhi enjoyed BB

he was totally into everything

LOVED the Drona act by Rahul and Raja I was ROFL..... HAHAHAHA

15 years ago

hahaha...never took them as people to enjoy BB! interesting!

15 years ago

wow now abhi will be seen in BV???
m excited

15 years ago

Oooh I like Balika Vadhu too!! Anandi's adorable!! Brilliant performance by all the actors...It'll be exciting to see Abhishek in BV... :)

15 years ago

abhi on balika vadhu?...OMG!...sumthing 2 watch!..

15 years ago

BV is a very nice show. Looking forward 2 c AB in BV.

15 years ago

am not a big boss fan
but would definately see balika vadhu as thats my current fav show

15 years ago

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