Avika Gor is on cloud nine as Nagarjuna graces the launch of her debut production

Avika Gor is on cloud nine as Nagarjuna graces the launch of her debut production, Popcorn: His present was the biggest gift… he has been my inspiration

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Avika Gor

Avika Gor is on cloud nine as Nagarjuna graces the launch of her debut production, Popcorn: His present was the biggest gift… he has been my inspiration



Avika Gor made her Telugu film debut with Uyyala Jampala in 2013. The movie was produced by veteran actor Nagarjuna. Happy to associate with him at the beginning of her career, Avika shares that it helped her learn a lot and get a foothold in the industry.



“I have known him since then, and it has been an amazing journey, connection and bond that we share. He has been great and I'm very happy to be associated with him for so many years. It's definitely like a blessing when somebody that senior and experienced is trying to support your growth. It’s beautiful,” she says.

Nagarjuna was also present at the trailer launch of Avika’s first production, Popcorn. “His presence was the biggest gift that he could have ever given to me. It was this one line that I told him that ‘I want you to be there and it's my first production’ and even before I could talk about the movie or give more details he just said ‘okay I will be there, anything for you’. I think that will stay with me forever. I used to think that he's one of the kindest souls now I have believed it and have seen it. I’m absolutely in awe of the person he is and the kindness he shows. So it was an amazing experience. We spoke about the movie’s production and concept. He loved the title too. Good reviews from him meant a lot,” she adds.

The actors keep meeting each other quite a few times. “He hosts Big Boss Telugu and I always go there for Diwali Performances. I usually make appearances for the events  on the TV channel he has. So we keep meeting and have been extremely fond of each other. So anywhere we know, we're shooting, we just go and meet each other. The bond we share is sweet,” she says.



Being a huge fan of the actor, Avika has seen a lot of his films. When asked about her favourite Nagarjuna film, the actor replied that it’s difficult for her to choose one.

“I honestly cannot choose one. There are so many of his films that I love. He is such a beautiful actor. The recent one that people have been talking about is Brahmastra and I really wish and hope that we see more of him in the upcoming version and sequels of Brahmastra. I loved his character in the film and I love him. He is a living legend and a lot of people get inspired from somebody like him. I absolutely consider him one of those people who inspired me to do more and motivated me to follow my heart. Because he has always been very nice and kind to me, he knows a lot about what's happening in my life or career. So he keeps listening to me and always gets excited when I get excited. I love that,” smiles the Ballika Vadhu actor.


The best thing about Nagarjuna, according to Avika, is that he is extremely grounded, he is living in gratitude every moment of his life.


“He is always respectful towards others and a very humble person. There are so many qualities of him that I would want to imbibe in my life. I look forward to meeting him more, getting to know him, and learning from him. He always makes me feel very special and also makes me realise how important it is to live with gratitude. He always makes me feel like an important person in the room and that's rare. He makes other people feel superior and comfortable. The kind of support people like him show, the kind of blessing they give us is unconditional and beautiful. His kindness is something which will remain with me in my heart forever,” she adds.

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