Ashmit Patel is down with an eye injury

But, like a committed actor, he is ensuring that the show goes on... Read on to know more.

- By "Team India Forums"
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Ashmit Patel, who plays Faisal in Farhn P Zamma's popular show Amma - Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma, is down with an eye injury. He will resume his shoot from today for the same.

In spite of his injury, Ashmit had to come back to the set. When questioned about the same, Ashmit says,"I got hurt last December as unknowingly, in my deep sleep, a bangle on my wrist hit the eye cornea and scratched it. After that, I had to take a lot of precautions like not to work in the heat, not to stress too much, and sleep adequately. Yesterday, I was shooting the climax scene for my film Dongri Ka Raja which is releasing next month. I had to shoot the entire day in the scorching heat, and at the end of it, my eyes suffered a lot. Water started coming from my eyes and then, the next morning, I couldn't open my eyes properly. There was a lot of pain. I have been to the doctor and have been given eye drops and asked to take rest and sleep but that is not happening as I have to resume my shooting today as we have a telecast issue every day." 

Ashmit also added, "Because of my eye injury, I am not allowed to put glycerine in my eyes, so whenever there is any emotional scene in Amma, I always cry naturally." 

Like a committed actor, he is ensuring that the show goes on...