Ashmit Patel Beaks Silence over Differences with sister Ameesha Patel

Ashmit finally opens up about the long-standing rift with sister Ameesha Patel...

ashmit and amisha patel

Actor and former Big Boss contestant Ashmit Patel often finds himself in controversies. Besides his professional front, a lot has been talked about his personal life. Right from his long standing dispute with sister Ameesha Patel to his engagement with fiancé Maheck Chalal getting aclled off, he often makes it to the headlines.

Reportedly, siblings, Ameesha and Ashmit were not on talking terms for quite some time. The duo had reconciled, however, in 2017 they again had a fallout. Ameesha had even accused their father Amit Patel alleging that he mismanaged her hard-earned money. 

Breaking his long silence, Ashmit finally opens up about the news of rift with sister Ameesha. 

The stories have been floating for I don’t know how long, I guess for over fifteen years. And what do you possible explain or how much will you explain because I think people will think what they want to. Every day something new is being reported, so I don’t know what the new speculation is.

- Ashmit told Hindustan Times

However, it looks like the siblings have mended their ways as Ashmit says,

She’s my sister and I love her to death and I’d be there for her no matter what, through all the thick and thin. I’ve always been there for her, she can count on me and hopefully I can also count on her for anything, anywhere and anytime.


Besides, Ashmit’s personal life had also come to light when his engagement with fiancé Maheck Chalal was called off.  They got engaged in 2017 and were supposed to tie the knot within a year, however, things went amiss and the couple parted ways in January, this year.

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Ashmit is making his digital debut with the series The Bull of Dalal Street.

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